PA-Bred Registration Process

Membership Dues are $125 for the annual year.

Weanling Foal registrations are $100 member and $300 non-member within 365 days of foaling.

Yearling Foal registrations are $200 member and $400 non-member postmarked by Dec. 31st of yearling year.

Late registrations are $500.

Complete the Official PA-BRED Registration Application, sign, enclose attachments and send to PHBA. The form must always be signed, a copy made for your records, W-9 and check enclosed and sent to PHBA. The domicile report and code of ethics must also be completed in order to register. The online registration system can now be used to complete all of the aforementioned requirements online.

Contact PHBA to request PA-Bred registration application package -or- PA-Bred foal registration application can now be obtained via the online registration system. Accurately complete the PA-Bred Registration application with signed W-9 and code of ethics, enclose a check for the correct fee, and send to PHBA. Fees are listed on the form.

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A Thoroughbred foal born in the state of Pennsylvania and registered as such with the Jockey Club is eligible for Pennsylvania-Bred registration with the PHBA if one of the following conditions is met:

  1. The dam of the foal resided continuously in Pennsylvania since December 1 of the year of conception through foaling; or
  2. The dam of the foal was purchased at a public sale after Dec. 1 of the year of conception and brought into Pennsylvania within 14 days of the purchase date (60 days if outside the U.S.) and remained continuously through foaling. During the year of foaling, the foal or its dam spent at least ninety (90) days in the state. MUST BE A COMPLETED PUBLIC SALE – NOT AN RNA (Reserve Not Attained) or a private transaction after the public sale; or
  3. Breed back for mares arriving after December 1 of the year of conception and foaling in Pennsylvania: The dam of the foal was bred back to a stallion standing in Pennsylvania (which was registered with the PHBA as a Pennsylvania stallion during the breeding season of the year of foaling), and said dam of the foal resided in the state for at least sixty (60) consecutive days during the year which foaling occurred.

After December 31st of the foal’s yearling year, a registration would be considered LATE. At that time, a nonrefundable $500 registration fee paid by the individual with a CERTIFIED CHECK or MONEY ORDER. A properly-completed Late Registration Application must be received and approved prior to entry.

Forms Needed for Registration:

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