2001 PA-Breds



dam color sex horse pas sire breeder panum
A Habit To Run Bay c Victory Steel * Sir Eric Our Farm Inc 19683
A J’s Baby Dk Bay f * Buck’sinthebank J R Rastetter Racing Stable Inc 19691
Ack’s Classy Lady Chest. f * Beyond The Mint Paul E Labe Sr 18963
Acoustically Bay c Embel Our Emblem Eugene E Weymouth 19547
Ahmee Too Dk Bay c He’s A Bobcat * Alyten Shirley A Lojeski 19711
Alerta Chest. c Traffic Alert * Traffic Zack Our Farm Inc 19682
Algieri Dk Bay f Western Algieri * Western Miner Bernard A Faggioli 19283
All Of The Best Bay c All Of Roanoke * Roanoke Conrad Stipp 22420
All Specious Dk Bay f * Quarry Sally Ann Yeckley 19216
All Tear Latci Dk Bay f Somebeachsomewhere * Judge Smells Tea Party Stable Inc 19320
Alphe Bay c Delaware River Quiet American Denise K McHenry 19232
Altnaharra Bay f Awad Charles C Fenwick Jr 19330
Always Brite Dk Bay c Pepes Kids Pistols And Roses Xanthus Farms Inc 19124
Always Judgemental Bay c * Quarry Janice Wendling 19004
Aly Grandar Chest. f Allegheny Red * Roanoke E Clinton Lowry 19632
Alyimp Bay c Fastest Traffic * Traffic Zack Our Farm Inc 19681
Amari Gray c Allen’s Prospect Frances H Leidy 19184
Amaysing Diane c Prospectors Gamble Samuel Guarino 19849
Amber Dancer Bay c Cat Terminator * Rip Cat Marsha L Reed 19508
Ambers Victory Chest. f Movinlikawinner * Cappuccio Pheasant Valley Farm 19356
Amy’s Relief Bay c Linkage Deborah M Costello Smylie 18970
Analytic Dk Bay c Analytically Petionville Spring Run Farm LLC 19007
Andy Z Chest. f Andy’s Lilly Pyramid Peak Donald D Orbovich 18924
Andy’s Bonus Bay f Broker’s Bonus Storm Broker Charles W Clark 19624
Anetta J Bay f Storm Broker William F Goodling 19787
Angel Kisses Bay c Gamut Broad Brush Brushwood Stable 19090
Anita Lass Chest. f Rosalia Lass * Up With Your Dukes E Marie Morrison 19713
Anitawyn Bay f Kiss My Sister * Bombardier Witchway Stables 19437
Annora Springs Bay f Skywalker George Strawbridge Jr dba 19000
Another Deposit Dk Brn c Kritikos * Alyten Margarita Tzortzakis 19803
Anykind Dk Bay f * Pok Ta Pok Frederick A Ziegler 19614
Anyone’s Daughter Dk Bay f Sassy Mint * Beyond The Mint Dennis H Shappell 19440
Apalachee Breeze Chest. c Comanche Station Yarrow Brae Sylmar Farm Inc 19766
Appealingdispersal Dk Bay c Captain Bodgit E & D Enterprises 19556
Appealingly Bay f * Buck’sinthebank J R Rastetter Racing Stable Inc 19694
April Annie Dk Bay f * Power Of Mind Castle Rock Farm 19470
April’s Trinity Bay c Lagrange Point * Primordial Tammie M Stark 22650
Arbor Joy Bay c Apollo’s Rooks * Roanoke Luis A Gonzalez Jr 19943
Arctic Arctic Bay c * Quarry Sweetbriar Hill 19607
At Your Peril Chest. c Ru Ach’s Caspian Laabity John L Strunk 19519
Athenian Treasure Bay f Treasury Deposit * Deposit Ticket Pewter Stable 19459
Averigo Dk Bay f Berrigo Creek * Roanoke Thomas N Reigle 19736
Avie Buck Trout Chest. f Buck Trout’s Niece Waquoit P F N Fanning 19077
Baccata’s Surprise Dk Bay c * Tricky Mister Eugene A Fisher 19442
Back Bay Brodea Bay f Derby Day Rally * Activist Judith M Barrett 21594
Balistroika Chest. f Swain Brushwood Stable 19098
Ballerina On Ice Dk Bay c Icy Reception * Activist Judith M Barrett 19544
Bandral Bay c Speckled Band Cobra King Denise K McHenry 19229
Banner Celebration Dk Bay f Verbena * Activist Charles W Clark 19512
Bantierna Bay c Ashmont Polish Numbers John A Garofalo 19197
Barbara Spender Chest. f Fire Monkey Malibu Moon Karen S Farrar 19395
Barbarasgoneagain Bay f Bobbi’s Girls Dixie Brass Donald Reeder 19492
Barcar Bay c Prince Joseph * Harry The Hat The Estate of Belle K Baer 19129
Barn Blind Bay c Zack In The Box * Traffic Zack Our Farm Inc 19680
Bates Gal Dk Bay f Motel Tricks * Tricky Mister Wendy H Kinnamon 19805
Battle Ofthe Bands Dk Bay c Midnight Explosion Pyramid Peak Donald D Orbovich 18925
Bay Of Ireland Chest. f Bates Motel Northcote Enterprises Inc 19227
Be Bop Aroo Chest. f Be Magnificent Majestic Light Wendy H Mutnick 19235
Beach Landing Bay f Bompa’s Briana * Bankbook James Nolan 19281
Beachly Bay f * Pok Ta Pok Jeffrey Haller 19608
Bear No Evil Bay c Bear Fact Carnivalay Kathryn Goldenberg 19252
Beaver Falls Dk Bay c * Reigning King Karen Kohl 19704
Bee Bea Dk Bay c * Buck’sinthebank J R Rastetter Racing Stable Inc 19700
Beep Brown c Hot Rod Lincoln * Activist Judith M Barrett 19310
Bella Katherine Bay f Storm Broker Giuffrida Siblings Ptnshp 18978
Bellreive Drive Chest. f Binks’belle * Quarry Clinton R Wolfe 19985
Benza Bay f Take The Benz Take Me Out Shelly Cassel 19550
Bepowdered Dk Bay f * Flying Pidgeon Judith L Spence 19183
Berry Patch Dk Bay f Strawberry Sky Skywalker R H Breeding LLC 19398
Best Luck Dk Bay c Fighter Bomber * Bombardier Randall L Hinkle 19715
Best Okay Dk Bay c Roman Accord Horatius New Horizon Farm LLC 19919
Bethlancia Dk Bay f JM She’s A Tee’s Lil E. Tee Jennifer L Post 19851
Big Game Hunter Chest. f * It’s Always You Our Farm Inc 19639
Binazen Bay f Bin Zin Comic Strip Biggs Farm Inc 19738
Black Dahlia Chest. f Dahlia’s Diamond Diamond James Nolan 19282
Black Humor Dk Bay c * Knockadoon Helen N Stearns 19276
Black N’ Dexter Chest. c Among The Stars * Afleetknowsasecret Our Farm Inc 19679
Blather Hawk Bay c Casual Attire Rock Point James R Banninger 21878
Bloodlines Chest. c Domesticate Cat D J Cat Prime Time Stable 21555
Blue Baby Blue Dk Bay f Baby’s Babycakes * Roanoke Sandra M Kite 19265
Blue Charmer Bay c Post Iron * Deposit Ticket Blair E Minnich 19541
Blue Vision Chest. f Defrere Deer Lake Farms Inc 19684
Blushing Ashley Chest. f Diane’s Destiny * Obstructed Valley Forge Racing Stables Inc 19642
Blushing Girl Run Chest. f Rocket Ma’me Canaveral Annette Kingerski 26092
Bold Gal Dk Bay f * Activist Sal Vacirca 18982
Booklore Dk Bay c Sahm Karen S Farrar 19394
Breezy Brilliance Dk Bay f Due Brilliance Devil His Due Gary D Reihart 19380
Bridge Party Dk Bay f Lexys Party Diamond John Kidwell 18972
Britmar Chest. c Corporate Priority * Corporate Report Franklin J Liddick 19875
Broken Seal Bay c Corporate Seal * Corporate Report Alcina H Rawles 19978
Buffels Bay f Buff ‘N Polish Polish Numbers Charlton BloodstockAgency Inc 19626
Burts Beware Chest. f * Traffic Zack Our Farm Inc 19638
Bushogin Babe Bay f Slavic Hope Hill Farm 19084
Bushy’s Princess Bay c * Devil’s Delight Edward T English 19709
C. J.’s Love Chest. f Fascination Street * Afleetknowsasecret Our Farm Inc 19677
Cala d’Or c Aaron’s Concorde Charles R Eigleson BAD ADDRESS 19015
Cala d’Or Dk Bay c Charanne Jerry Aaron’s Concorde Charles R Eigleson BAD ADDRESS 19855
Calamity Clift Chest. f * Bankbook Maui Meadow Farm 19826
Callmecutie c * Roanoke Thomas N Reigle 19737
Canadian Conspircy Bay c Roy Janis L Gerace 19778
Canadian Halo Bay f Boundary Denise K McHenry 19231
Candy Wood Bay c Wayward Will Will’s Way Secluded Stables Inc 19222
Candy’s Smile Dk Bay c Sun Bury Fit To Fight Emerson M Reyner 19351
Candybarncaviar Chest. f Roanoke Royale * Roanoke Harry W Varn Jr 19377
Canteen Queen Chest. f Gold Case Victoria Racing Stables Inc 19114
Captain’s Serenade Bay c Hero’s Warning Partner’s Hero Sylmar Farm Inc 19767
Cardo Bay c Sand Save Line In The Sand Barbara S Brown 19346
Career Quest Bay f * Power Of Mind Denise M Smylie 19363
Caribbean Sunset Chest. f Cronista * Lord At Law Charles A Cuprill 19155
Carney’s Tomboy Chest. c Crazy Bill * Mr. Explosive Bill J Henry 19964
Caro Mountain Black c * Manastash Ridge Dennis H Shappell 19438
Carrie The Flag Dk Bay c Big Concern Concern Tea Party Stable Inc 19033
Casanna Bay f Sail To First Concern Estate of Truman C Welling 19170
Cassette Tape Bay f Jibber Jabber Cryptoclearance Frances H Leidy 19186
Cat Fight Bay f Where’s The Cat * It’s Always You Our Farm Inc 19678
Catinca Bay f A. P. Indy Brushwood Stable 19088
Celtic Shoe Bay f Shoe N’ Sandy Munch N’ Nosh Del Snyder 19817
Chandi Bay f Awad Victoria Marie Herlinger 19598
Chanson De Roland Bay c Hold Hard Halory Hunter E & D Enterprises 19561
Chasing John Dk Bay c In Pursuit Of Love Northern Baby Ashwell Stables Inc 19333
Chasmanhattan Chest. c City Line Ave Line In The Sand Roberta Seeger 19999
Cheerioats Dk Bay c Al Toona * U. S. Flag Emerson M Reyner 19352
Children’s Rights Bay f * Two Davids Steven J Krebs 19192
Chinook Winds Chest. f Shelby Leigh * Digamist Janice Wendling 19002
Chrissy’s Magic Chest. f Unaccounted For E & D Enterprises 19570
Circumnavigate Chest. f No Pouting Pioneering Patricia S Schuster dba 19403
City Flicka Dk Bay f Dance Brightly E & D Enterprises 19560
City Lady Chest. f Casino Diva Not For Love Casino Royale Farm Inc 19602
City Park Chest. f Linda’s Future Defrere Fiasco Farms Ltd 19147
Clandestine Caller Bay c Kingmambo George Strawbridge Jr dba 18994
Classy Looking Bay c Report On Class * Corporate Report William J Solomon VMD 19404
Classy Sharon Bay c * Activist Alexander Thompson 19603
Claws’n Daggers Bay f * Afleetknowsasecret Our Farm Inc 19676
Cle Elum Brown c Parrott * Roanoke Susan B Thayer 19354
Clearthedancefloor Chest. f All Dolled Up Carnivalay Ellendale Racing LLC 19238
Clever Chatter Bay f Accountant’s Dream Unaccounted For E & D Enterprises 19571
Clever Tea Chest. c * Corporate Report Jerome C Burdick 21814
Clever Whisper Bay f Wolf’s Whisper Wolf Power Susan C Walmer 20354
Clevermore Bay c Oh Say Socorro Inc 19309
Cloistered Duchess Bay f Crypto Star Welcome Here Farm LLC 19590
Clonbrook Bay f Allen’s Prospect Rodney L Hocker 19204
Clover Cherub Bay f Crimson Clover * Flying Pidgeon Jane White 19503
Codalena Bay c Chuck’s Mobile Bay * John Willy Francine Ingerman 19296
Colebrook Go Go Gr/Rn f Miss Whirlybird * Ocean Splash Victoria Marie Herlinger 19595
College Connie Dk Bay f C F College Bound * No Bondage Edwin Stopherd 19370
Colombia Bay f Cryptoclearance E & D Enterprises 19558
Colonial Passage Chest. f My Colonial Rose * Western Echo Heidi E Trimbur 19373
Compassion Chest. c The Individualist * Deposit Ticket Pewter Stable 19460
Compelling Breeze Chest. c * Quarry Carl E Adams 19636
Conservative Miss Bay f George’s Girl My Prince Charming The Bosswins Farm 19843
Conspiracy Bay f Novelista * Whiz Along Charles A Cuprill 19163
Constent Ruth f * Roanoke Charles R Ord 19396
Cool Chase Dk Bay f Biancool Bianconi Welcome Here Farm LLC 19584
Cool Number Dk Bay c Polish Numbers Maple Leaf Farm 19202
Copes Luck Dk Bay f Salaursyco * Alyten Robert B Myers III 19939
Corporate Retreat Bay f Run Softly E & D Enterprises 19569
Count Your Gold Dk Bay f Itaka’s Brianna Itaka Galen R Behney 19287
Countess Caveta Chest. f Pronouncement Announce Anthony W Ostan dba 19526
Cozy Lace Chest. c Snap Daddy Regal Classic Stonehedge Farm of Pennsylvania Inc Equivine Farm 19467
Crandybrook Miss Bay c Fastivist * Activist Stephanie N Tate 19338
Creaking Board Chest. f A. P. Indy George Strawbridge Jr dba 18987
Credenza Chest. f Cruel Halory Hunter E & D Enterprises 19562
Criminology Bay c Yes We Can Accelerator Spring Run Farm LLC 19008
Crown And Water Dk Bay c Walking On Water Malibu Moon Shelly Cassel 19552
Currently Proud Dk Bay f Balanza * Lord At Law Charles A Cuprill 19159
Cut A Wish Bay f Liberty N Justice * Sir Eric Our Farm Inc 19675
D C’s Heavy Metal Chest. c Dc’s Tenaciousflag * U. S. Flag Sterling R Krumbine 19323
Dahlin Bay c Wild Fuss Tamayaz Sylmar Farm Inc 19768
Dahmagra Chest. f Maggie’s Mist * Digamist Xanthus Farms Inc 19119
Dan Cin For Mom Bay f Gingerinma’spocket * Pok Ta Pok David W Geist 19324
Dance At Seven Dk Bay f Devil’s Share Tammi S Faber 19315
Dance Delirious Bay c Hyper Harry * Harry The Hat Oak Ridge Farms 19757
Dancing Mistery Chest. f The Name’s Jimmy Summer Stables 19212
Dancing Tralthee Bay c Crypto Star Judith Donaldson Jefferis 19307
Dani’s Dad Chest. f Explosive Red Janis L Gerace 19777
Dare To Dream Bay c Dreamin’ Of Love Not For Love Paul E Labe Sr 18964
Daring Dream f * Genuino Ronald Thoma 19792
Darling Devil Bay f Dear Emerald Press Card Jane White 19502
Daufuski Island Bay f Pervomaysk * Digamist Bart William Shuster 19325
Dear Jane Chest. f I C Jane * Sir Eric Our Farm Inc 19674
Deep And Cold Bay f Deep Desire * Alyten Estate of Jane G Baker Deceased 19501
Deferred Income Chest. f All Splashed Up * Ocean Splash Victoria Marie Herlinger 19596
Detech Chest. c Maelo * Mr. Explosive Judith M Barrett 19305
Devil Belle Dk Bay f Philly Park Loustrous Bid Howard C Schaeffer Jr 19243
Devilish Play Bay c Open Now Open Forum Howard C Schaeffer Jr 19241
Devils Trial Dk Bay c Frisky Mark Miner’s Mark Albert L Cologna 19246
Dial A Babe Bay c DECEASED PER MAM Maria’s Mon Victoria Racing Stables Inc 19113
Dina’s Song f Hazaam Patricia M Palmer Estate 19425
Dismay Bay f Diz’n Dixie Dixieland Heat Ronald S Glorioso 19945
Distraction Chest. c Casino Rebel Yarrow Brae Casino Royale Farm Inc 19600
Divinenine Warbird Gray c Divine Warrior * Roanoke Gary D Reihart 19378
Divorced Chest. f Newlymintedpenny Banker’s Gold Caroline Stearns 19274
Dixie Dash Chest. c Diamond Walter C Reese 19846
Don’t Tank Me Dk Bay c * Alyten Castle Rock Farm 19474
Dormir Bay c Flagsofourfathers * Deposit Ticket Arlene R Daney Partners 19263
Dottie’s Gal Chest. f * Turkey Trot Charles A King Jr 19834
Double Cookie Chest. f Just Ginger Exetera Caroline Stearns 19273
Double Irish Chest. c Tedyuscung * Power Of Mind Estate of Richard E McDevitt 19169
Dragon Miss Bay f Eighty One South * Roanoke Flint W Stites 19702
Duke’s Design Dk Bay f Jitterbop * Manastash Ridge Roberta L Schneider MD 19536
Eager Jean Bay c John Law Deputed Testamony Ashwell Stables Inc 19334
Early Alarm Chest. c Alarming Velocity * Traffic Zack Our Farm Inc 19673
Electric Tulip Bay c Count Goodrich Count The Time James R Brame 19617
Elegant Lady Bay f Crypto Star William F Goodling 19785
Elegant Landing Chest. f Financial Risk Not For Love Patricia M Palmer Estate 19424
Emerald Of Ireland Dk Bay c Script By Conrad Prospect Bay E & D Enterprises 19498
Emerald Stone Dk Bay f One Precious Gem * Valid Request Patricia A Fullmer 19728
Emma’s Girl Chest. f Yeah Zoomzoomzoom * Digamist Sally Ann Yeckley 19215
Empress Sirrima Bay f Comic Empress Comic Strip Moving Cloud Farm LLC 19030
English Advocate Bay f * Deposit Ticket Robert A Szeyller 19532
Enraged Dk Bay f Raging Rapids * Roanoke Fiasco Farms Ltd 19148
Entrusted Gray c Enroute Runaway Groom Eugene E Weymouth 19546
Erika’s Angel Dk Bay c Storm Center Tammi S Faber 19316
Eskimo Era Bay c * Power Of Mind Castle Rock Farm 19473
Estanaslava Brown c Ras Tafari * Activist Judith M Barrett 19358
Eva Olivia Bay f Diamond Nikolai W Taras 19615
Evasive Genie Bay f Cass Ole * Fini Cassette Richard N Miller 19577
Explodent’s Echo Dk Bay f * Ray’s Testimony Raymond J Shilensky 19194
Explosive Lena Chest. f * Western Echo Moving Cloud Farm LLC 19029
Extra Steam Dk Bay f Indy Reign * Reigning King Karen Kohl 19706
Fairest Bird Chest. c Chapo T * My Grand Indy Francine Ingerman 19299
Fairy Song Bay c General Tommy Two Punch Michael J Moran 19117
False Image Bay f Diesis Bettina L Jenney 19058
Falua Bay f Erika D Mister Baileys Xanthus Farms Inc 19122
Far Away Lassie Dk Bay c Leapt Castle Lad * Digamist Geraldyne F Mitchell 19061
Farther North Dk Bay f Sunshine Priscilla * Roanoke SUN Corp 19428
Feodalite Bay f Fancy Nanc * Quarry Moving Cloud Farm LLC 19106
Ferriana Bay f Del Mar Dreamin’ * Cappuccio Pheasant Valley Farm 19355
Fiddled To Me Bay f * Harry The Hat Cheryl James 19619
Figgy Bay c * Michael’s Star Our Farm Inc 19672
Fight Over Beauty Dk Bay f Shadow Show Welcome Here Farm LLC 19593
Finagle Gray c Mineral Springs Wekiva Springs Rustic Wind Breeding Farm 19368
First Sail Dk Bay f Pocket It * Pok Ta Pok Harry E Dimitriou 19271
Fleeting Fame c Oliver’s Twist Burton J Butker 19342
Floss’s Gift Bay f Joyeux Danseur Xanthus Farms Inc 19121
Flowing Bay f Woodman Brushwood Stable 19099
Foolish Secret Bay f She’s Fancy Free * Peteski Anthony J Merlino 22029
Foray Fling Bay f Justaspringfling * Pok Ta Pok Carl E Adams 19635
Found Our Star Chest. c Star Optimist Incurable Optimist Summer Stables 19211
Foxy Value Dk Bay f Flying Case * Flying Pidgeon Joseph H Wright 20017
Fred’s Ruby Bay f Fred’s Golden Girl Golden Gear P F N Fanning 19079
French Force Chest. c * Mighty Game Carol J Musser 19013
Frequent Flyer Bay c Boogetyboogetyshoo Sandpit John N Nash 18945
Frescidia Chest. c Strike The Lord * Lord At Law Charles A Cuprill 19156
Fresh Spray Bay f Jean’s Hat Spray * Harry The Hat The Estate of Belle K Baer 19130
Full Alarm Bay c Crypto Star Diamond S Stables LLC 18968
Galezey Bay f Galezeroni * Roanoke Gary D Reihart 19379
Gay Carpetbag Bay c Isle Of Mirth * Roanoke Jeffrey M Meyer 18957
Gemini’s Gem Dk Bay c Sparkled Valley Crossing Ashwell Stables Inc 19331
Gentle Susan Dk Bay f Spring Reign Storm Of Angels Agnes P O’Brien 19139
Get Real Dk Bay c Sir Cat P H Partnership Blackhurst Phyllis P 19375
Get Up Little Girl Dk Bay c Bulldog Mugsy Carnivalay Richard Simoff Inc 19107
Gettys Sweet Mesa Chest. f Cloud Cover Sally Ann Yeckley 19214
Ghazi’s Julep Chest. c Doc Phillips * Lord At Law Hope Hill Farm 19085
Gimme A Break Dk Bay f Northern Baby Welcome Here Farm LLC 19592
Gimme The Money Bay c Dean’s Rose * Erland Sandra L Riggs 19023
Give Us A Kiss Chest. c Yarrow’s Chief Yarrow Brae Lynne Boddiford 20853
Glacon f * Sir Eric Our Farm Inc 19671
Glen Orchy Bay c * Deposit Ticket Estate of Truman C Welling 19171
Glittering Diamond Bay c Mutakddim E & D Enterprises 19565
Glitz Ball Chest. c Lead Singer * Corporate Report Holly Run Farm Inc 19301
Gloriole Chest. c Maria’s Mon Estate of Truman C Welling 19173
Gold Canadian Chest. f Canadier * Bombardier Wendy Ellen McGarry 18922
Gold Muni c Lion Cavern Thomas N Reigle 19735
Golden Lucy Chest. f Western Lucy * Western Miner Bernard A Faggioli 19284
Goodmorninjosefine Bay c Lil’manfromambler * Afleetknowsasecret Our Farm Inc 19670
Got A Crush Bay c Red Ransom George Strawbridge Jr dba 18998
Gracious Kelly Bay f Gracious Peggy * Bombardier Leonard Liberto 19539
Grandpas Ashley Dk Bay c * Buck’sinthebank J R Rastetter Racing Stable Inc 19697
Great Progress Bay f Certainly Sir Itaka Flint W Stites 19703
Grey Mouse Gray c * Obstructed Birgitta C Sweigart 19634
Guerre Et Paix Gray f Cozzene Bettina L Jenney 19057
Gushing Dk Bay f Prudencia * Lord At Law Charles A Cuprill 19157
Gwendolyn’s Gold Chest. c So Obvious * Western Echo Tea Party Stable Inc 19319
Habar Chest. c * Corporate Report William Diefenderfer 18950
Habar’s Mystery Chest. f Cody’s Kisses * Corporate Report William Diefenderfer 18948
Hagland Bay f Mercy’s Spirit * Quarry Xanthus Farms Inc 19126
Hail Sarah Chest. f Royal Ticket * Deposit Ticket Holly Run Farm Inc 19280
Half Out East Chest. c * Pok Ta Pok Frederick A Ziegler 19612
Halo Of Gold Chest. f Holly Drive Malibu Moon Giuffrida Siblings Ptnshp 18976
Hannah Blue Eyes Gray f Princess Azure * Obstructed Valley Forge Racing Stables Inc 19640
Hannah Simoff Bay c Stormin Sandy * Deposit Ticket Gerald J Busk 19382
Happy Rose Bay c * Buck’sinthebank J R Rastetter Racing Stable Inc 19695
Hard Core Dk Bay c Comic Strip E & D Enterprises 19557
Harsh Reality Bay c Reality Ticket * Deposit Ticket Joseph G Giorgio 19630
Harvard Gal Chest. c * Pok Ta Pok Frederick A Ziegler 19610
Heart Of Steal Chest. f West Ambler * Traffic Zack Our Farm Inc 19669
Heart To Hold Bay f J. D.’s Harley * Roanoke Sandra M Kite 19266
Heavenly Cat Chest. c Capitano Belong To Me Brushwood Stable 19089
Heavenly Girl Bay f Divine Lass Yarrow Brae Peter John Alafoginis 19753
Helen’s Angel Bay c Current Exchange * Cope With Peace Scott Russo 19313
Hello Mabel Chest. c * Obstructed Darlene Reese 19771
Her Majesty Carrie Bay c One Dumbske * Every Intent Charles Domske 20010
Her Testimony Gr/Rn c Getting Grey * Foligno Wind N Leaves Farm Inc 18983
Her Testimony Gray c * Foligno Wind N Leaves Farm Inc 19795
High Flight Dk Bay f Waquoit Janis L Gerace 19775
High Philly Bay c Back In Town Cape Town Shelly Cassel 19551
Highland Manor Bay c Ranger One Allen’s Prospect Marshall W Silverman dba 22648
His Ex Bay c Showtankthemoney Prospect Bay Equine Biomechanics & Exercise Physiology Inc 19755
Hold To Fashion Chest. c Wild Kipper Kipper Kelly Blair E Minnich 19749
Holly Lady Dk Bay c * Pok Ta Pok Frederick A Ziegler 19611
Hometown Hoofer Dk Bay f Puccio Hoofer * Cappuccio Patricia A Fullmer 19717
Honed Dk Bay c Jeremys Hero Partner’s Hero Stephen E Morrone DVM 19063
Honest Dice Bay f * Aquarian Prince Deer Lake Farms Inc 19685
Honeylane Chest. c * Roanoke Kenneth Kennedy 19221
Hopeful Q. T. Bay c McCain * Activist Judith M Barrett 19361
Hot Dot Dk Bay c Father Dooley * Alyten Castle Rock Farm 19476
Hot Headed Chest. c Foxy Kairewich * Sir Eric Our Farm Inc 19668
Hot Little Dish Dk Bay f Fire Emblem Our Emblem Ronald S Glorioso 19946
Howdy Parkaner Bay c * Afleetknowsasecret Our Farm Inc 19667
Hudersfield Chest. c * Pok Ta Pok Jeffrey Haller 19628
Humble Origins c Kayla O * Genuino Ronald Thoma 19791
Humming Your Way Bay c Marlin’s Memory * Roanoke Matthew J Lutze 19838
Hypoxia Bay f Hybernian Stream Irish River Bettina L Jenney 19055
I’am Flying c Seattle Sleet Patricia L Chapman 19780
I’ll Get Along Chest. c Smarty Jones Elusive Quality Patricia L Chapman 19196
I’m Fixing To Bay f Junes First Rain * Roanoke John J Frank 19365
I’m Too Bald Dk Bay f Miss Activist * Activist Judith L Spence 19182
I’marichkid Chest. c Gold Fever Judith Donaldson Jefferis 19306
I’ve Got Jessica Chest. c Hot Rod Bob * Digamist Ronald W Rogers 22190
Iam A Secret Dk Bay f * Power Of Mind Christine M Brown 19856
Ianthe Dk Bay c Battle Time * Wild Kiss Patricia A Fullmer 19730
Ice Devise Gray f Fiddlers Sister Horatius Howard C Schaeffer Jr 19242
Icy Blueeyes Bay f Penguin Cafe * Flying Pidgeon Judith M Barrett 19357
Icy Smart Bay f * Mystic Replica Mary Hazzard 19312
Iknowasecret Chest. c * Sir Eric Our Farm Inc 19666
Illusive Note Dk Bay f Clever Trick Dr S Mark Rayburg Inc 19166
Imakieba Bay f * Power Of Mind Herman L Iglesias 19504
Impression Dk Bay c Seasarer * Valid Request Patricia A Fullmer 19729
In Chancery Bay c * Flying Pidgeon Robert L Carter 19289
In The Money Honey Chest. f Aly Money * Alyten Alpala Farms Inc 19794
In Writing Bay c * Flying Pidgeon Robert L Carter 19290
Incarnate Dk Bay f Imperiled * John Willy Francine Ingerman 19298
Incoming Chest. f * Roanoke Barbara Pegula Verrastro 19623
Indian Coup Chest. f Prettylittleindian Storm Broker Priscilla Alford 19857
Infant Dk Bay f Heartofafranchise Cobra King Jean A Seidel 19744
Informatique Chest. c Here Comes Chuck Shuailaan Leigh A Herzberger 19432
Insidious Dk Brn c Hey Rube Carnivalay Jeffrey M Meyer 18956
Inspiring Ali Dk Bay c Friendly Lover Janis L Gerace 19776
Irish Confetti Dk Bay f * T. V. Alliance James T Daley 19979
Iron Polly Bay c Pocopson Man * T. V. Alliance Maui Meadow Farm 19823
Isis Only Dk Bay c Scorese Kids * Pok Ta Pok Pasquale Scorese 19349
J Byrdie Gr/Rn c Nukes On The Loose * Corporate Report William J Solomon VMD 19405
J. Scotch Chest. c Carnizip Carnivalay Gary J Brockmeyer 19524
Jade Mary Bay f * Harry The Hat Yvonne Stewart 19141
Janie’s Jem Dk Bay f Ms Jamie * Fini Cassette Richard N Miller 19582
Jasmine Lady Bay c Justintrepid * Flying Pidgeon Genevieve Johnkins 19366
Jazz Session Dk Brn f Cascarina Partner’s Hero John A Garofalo 19198
Jenny B. Bay f * Bombardier Peter Giangiulio 19468
Jerry’s Punch Brown f Rain Song Intensity Sylmar Farm Inc 19804
Jet Boots Dk Bay c Corp. Jet Partner’s Hero Welcome Here Farm LLC 19586
Jetta Rocketta Chest. f Rumba Que Tumba * Signoir Valery Francine Ingerman 19300
Jig’s Reflection Gray f Ceecee’s Wilddance * Wild Kiss Sandra L Riggs 19024
Jinsky Jewel c Bye Bye Jewel * Power Of Mind Jewel Racing Stable 19779
Joan’s Knockout Chest. c * Corporate Report Sandra M Kite 19264
Joandrea Chest. c Dave Budd * Sir Eric Our Farm Inc 19665
Jockey’s Joy Bay c Automatic Deposit * Deposit Ticket Blair E Minnich 19543
Jointly Bay c Shuailaan Leigh A Herzberger 19433
Jolie’s Delight Bay f * Power Of Mind Pietrini Racing Stables Inc 19213
Joyce’s Last Love Bay f Formal Countess Count The Time Richard H Bosshard Jr 19258
Junic Bay c Good Campagner * Looks Good To Me Burton J Butker 19340
Juniper Tree Bay c Case The Ace In Case Castle Rock Farm 19469
Junique Bay c * Looks Good To Me Burton J Butker 19341
Junkaroo Bay f Fleet Freckles * Afleetknowsasecret Our Farm Inc 19664
Just A Bird Bay c Dynaformer George Strawbridge Jr dba 18991
K. C.’s Highlandia Chest. c Dr. Daisycutter * John Willy Francine Ingerman 19297
Karma Rags Bay f Q. V. C. Karma * Nepal Lawrence A Ciletti Estate 22030
Kayleigh’s Angel Bay f * Manastash Ridge Coal Valley Farm Ltd 19244
Key Venture Bay f Defrere’s Venture Defrere Patricia M Palmer Estate 19422
Kiwi Eagle Dk Bay c Kiwi’s Collection Collection Agent Ronald L Ulrich 19037
Klompen Bay f Rum Swizzle Two Punch Patricia L Moseley 19760
Koluctoo Gal Dk Bay f Tell Me Two Times * Western Echo Duane A Seiz 19364
Kool Kat Katie Bay f Kingmambo George Strawbridge Jr dba 18995
Kootenai Queen Chest. f Quarry’s Princess * Quarry Rich Gehrke 19103
Krislynns Dream Bay f * Buck’sinthebank J R Rastetter Racing Stable Inc 19692
Kute Kris Gray c Capt. Smooth Awad Victoria Marie Herlinger 19597
L’Abidjanaise Bay f Dynaformer Maple Leaf Farm 19343
L’Esquimau Chest. c Beautiful Kiss Langfuhr Golden Oak Farm LLC 18931
La Fille Alliance Bay f B. B. B. Fast * Bankbook Maui Meadow Farm 19825
La Loie Fuller Bay f Cynthia Delight * Devil’s Delight Edward T English 19708
La Malleret Dk Bay c Chateau Haut Brion Golden Gear P F N Fanning 19067
Lady Adida Chest. c * Every Intent Charles Domske 20009
Lady Airica Chest. c Kabong * Erland Patricia A Fullmer 19718
Lady At Law Dk Bay c * Whiz Along Charles A Cuprill 19164
Lady Drip Chest. f * No Bondage Constance K Beidel 19754
Lady Harriman Dk Bay c * Alyten Castle Rock Farm 19475
Lady Ilsley Bay c El Prado Bettina L Jenney 19053
Lady Josette Dk Bay c * Activist Sal Vacirca 18980
Lady Josina Chest. f Tiptoes In Dreams * Roanoke Roberta L Schneider MD 19538
Lady Lillie B Bay f R Mischievous Lady * Roanoke Tina L Deibler 18927
Lady Lochinvar Chest. c Coronado’s Quest Brushwood Stable 19091
Lady Longneck Bay f * Fini Cassette Richard N Miller 19581
Lady Luisa Bay f Modista Carnivalay Charles A Cuprill 19154
Lady Of Leys Bay c Waquoit P F N Fanning 19070
Lady Politics Dk Bay c Law Man * Lord At Law Hope Hill Farm 19118
Lady Wilhemina Bay f Smart Strike Iris H Coggins 19011
Lamah Dk Bay c Lawzem Gain Our Emblem Dr S Mark Rayburg Inc 19167
Landing Card Bay f DECEASED!! Storm Broker P F N Fanning 19074
Lanky Daisy Bay f Announce Richard H Bosshard Jr 19260
Last Approach Dk Bay c Outer Marker Broad Brush George Strawbridge Jr dba 18988
Last Capede Bay f Ears * Proof Our Farm Inc 19663
Last Mystic Bay c * Foligno P F N Fanning 19071
Layounne Bay f Danzig Brushwood Stable 19092
Le Cheval Devant Chest. f Cedar Yarrow Brae Sandra Kim Eshleman 19386
Leegan’s Matto Roan c Leegans Last * Pok Ta Pok Jeffrey Haller 19609
Lica Ten K Bay c Soooo Happy Dreamrider Francine Ingerman 19295
Lida’s Fling Dk Bay c Friendly Lover Roberta Seeger 19997
Lifeofan Empress Bay c * Deposit Ticket William J Solomon VMD 19406
Lights Are Out Bay c Crafty Will Bugatti Reef Susan Connors Broomell 19350
Like Your Style Roan c Tri My Style * Tri For The Gold Roberta Seeger 20000
Likeleigh Bay f Lady Laura G * Deposit Ticket Barbara J Geraghty 19513
Lil Lugy Bay c * Activist Galen R Behney 19288
Lil Mis Comediante Dk Bay c Gallant Fury * Roanoke Bill Arndt Jr 19292
Lil Orphan Aly Bay c Sheba’s Aly Storm Broker David G Szymanski 19153
Limited Series Dk Bay c Johnny Mac * Roanoke Chickridge LLC 19605
Lisa’s Lil Devon Chest. c * Obstructed Our Farm Inc 19662
Little Deepher Chest. f Moon Shot Margie Migrating Moon Northcote Enterprises Inc 19224
Little Gray Wolf Gr/Rn c Royal Academy Maple Leaf Farm 19621
Little Ms Dangerus Bay c Lil Bit Dangerus * Sir Eric Robert B Myers III 19938
Livermore’s Lass Bay f Spy Lass Cryptoclearance Judith Donaldson Jefferis 19308
Lois Laner Dk Bay f Fast Laner Mutakddim E & D Enterprises 19566
Lolly’s Legacy Brown c Malibu Moon Jeffrey A Matty 20007
Lonely Balladier Chest. f Solitary Song Waquoit William L Pape 19446
Long March Brown f Easy Loader Lion Cavern Cindy K Krikava 19065
Lookin For Romance Chest. c * Digamist Tea Party Stable Inc 19034
Lookout Lil Dk Bay f Crayons To Perfume * U. S. Flag Sharon M Grau 19389
Loretta Wolf Bay f Wolf Kitten Tabasco Cat Jean A Seidel 19740
Loufdama Chest. c Drum Dollars Polish Pro Anthony Foglia 19759
Love Alone Dk Bay c Anxious Aly * Alyten Oak Ridge Farms 19756
Love Burn Bay f Stretchrunningcat Sir Cat P H Partnership Blackhurst Phyllis P 19374
Love Knot Dk Bay f Oh Say Marcia G Solda 19511
Lovely Later Dk Bay f Lovely Afternoon Afternoon Deelites Two Sisters’ Farm Inc 19257
Lover’s Faite Bay f Lover’s Quarry * Quarry Janice Wendling 19003
Lovesgotaholdonyou Dk Bay f Nanarae My Favorite Grub Briter Farm 19019
Lovin Lassa Bay c He’s A Trickster Trick Me Susan C Walmer 20352
Lucky Again Bay c Touch Gold P F N Fanning 19068
Lucky Virginia Dk Bay c Collection Agent Ronald L Ulrich 19036
Lucky Wobble Chest. f Due Luck * U. S. Flag Randall L Hinkle 19714
Luisamaria Bay f Cimmeron Sue Not For Love Joan E Wolf 19345
Lust For Life Chest. c Bellefonte Charlie * Corporate Report Robert A Szeyller 19533
Lyrac Dancer Chest. f Jackoranda * Western Echo Sweetbriar Hill 19606
Machalda Chest. c Machalda’s Pal * O. K. By You Robert A Peoples 20006
Mad Fling Bay c S W Clip Money Press Card Richard A Reveley DECEASED 19520
Madcap Mary Bay f Rockin Rockzy Petionville Susan Bedner 19515
Maggi C. Dk Bay c Magic Wizard * Whiz Along Louis A Teletski 19228
Magic Carpet Ride Dk Bay f Watch Me Angels * Watch Me Mom Wilma Winter 19936
Magic Doll Dk Bay f Mystic Pidgeon * Flying Pidgeon Giles C Cook 19990
Magic Lily Chest. c Kan’tStopJeter W/D Kokand Robert E Lopez Jr 19861
Magical Maid Bay f Bull Riding Chick Rodeo Horseshoe Valley Equine Center LLC 19793
Magiclake Dk Bay f Bonnybelle Lake Favorite Trick Estate of Daniel A Inverso 19220
Mahmoud Dancer Chest. f Love Hill Lady * Entropy Peter John Alafoginis 19751
Mahogany Stepper Bay f Pegasus Inspired Oh Bye Golly Evergreen Estates Inc 19327
Majestic Frost Bay f Frosty Valentine * Peteski Joseph G Giorgio 19629
Majestic Princess c * Roanoke William Niarakis Jr 19782
Majestic Tempest Bay c Fly By Moonlight Malibu Moon Kevin P Gallagher 19877
Major Barbara Dk Bay f Salutress Not For Love Alvin T Durborow 19801
Makeminemoneyhoney Chest. f Huntingmoneyhoney Halory Hunter E & D Enterprises 19563
Makin’ A Bee Line Bay c Make A Bee Line Unaccounted For E & D Enterprises 19572
Manhattan Gold Dk Bay c Grindstone Gold Grindstone Roberta Seeger 19998
Maria V. Chest. f * Flying Pidgeon Sal Vacirca 18981
Marie’swinsomelass Dk Bay c Stand Free * Judge Smells Geraldyne F Mitchell 19062
Marisa Mia Bay c Meadowlake Lodge Meadowlake Dr S Mark Rayburg Inc 19165
Martha’s Terms Dk Bay f Annie’s Terms Favorite Trick Estate of Daniel A Inverso 19219
Marty’s Dream Bay f Emily Wild * Activist Judith M Barrett 19304
Mary Valeda Bay f * Buck’sinthebank J R Rastetter Racing Stable Inc 19699
Masked Minute Brown c Flintville * Deposit Ticket Sylmar Farm Inc 19764
Maxatawny Grey c Wunnernaus * Tricky Mister Susan J Smith 19443
Maybee Avery Bay f Midnight Testamony * Pok Ta Pok Diane Westenhoefer 19837
Mechanical Swinger Bay c * Flying Pidgeon Robert L Carter 19291
Meikleour Bay f * Obstructed Valley Forge Racing Stables Inc 19644
Melee Melee Bay f Dusty Miller Benny The Dip Alexander Gordon Watson 19294
Mia Smiling Bay c Mr. Digger Allen’s Prospect Frances H Leidy 19185
Miami Redskin Bay f She Caught My Eye * Erland Patricia A Fullmer 19719
Midnight Fleet Dk Bay f Wyatt’s High Noon Allen’s Prospect Welcome Here Farm LLC 19589
Milady T. Bay f Miladys Farewell * Roanoke Janet W Chisholm 19401
Milk Punch Chest. c Salty Punch Salt Lake P F N Fanning 19072
Mindflair Gray c Halissee Linda Macklin 19105
Mineminemine Dk Bay c Cryptoclearance E & D Enterprises 19559
Mint Spender Bay c Polish Numbers P F N Fanning 19076
Mint’s Class Chest. c Secretarythethird * Star Of Ransom Paul E Labe Sr 18965
Minted Key c * Roanoke William Barrett 19707
Mints First Star Bay f Don’takememints Take Me Out Golden Oak Farm LLC 18932
Mintullah Bay c Not For Love P F N Fanning 19075
Miracle Molly Dk Bay f I Just Wont Quit * Judge Smells Mark A Happel 19518
Miraculous Bay f * Aquarian Prince Deer Lake Farms Inc 19686
Mirkwood Dk Bay f Whammy Doubled Clever Trick Klobia S Carroll 19747
Miss Ava Rae Chest. f Ava And Ashley * Obstructed Valley Forge Racing Stables Inc 19643
Miss Crimson Gold Dk Bay c In Case Of Slots In Case SMD Ltd LLC 19009
Miss Dish Bay c * Deposit Ticket William J Solomon VMD 19407
Miss Dreamland Bay c Courtier Louis Quatorze Spinnaker Hill Upland Spg Farm 19270
Miss Hypertension Bay c Canyon Creek Peter John Alafoginis 19752
Miss Julie G. Bay c * Power Of Mind Castle Rock Farm 19472
Miss New Freedom Bay c Mr. New Freedom * Deposit Ticket William J Solomon VMD 19408
Miss Plap Plap Chest. c Bluefish * Power Of Mind Crazy Horse Farm Partnership 19783
Miss Princeton Chest. f Me Shell * Quarry Moving Cloud Farm LLC 19051
Miss Red Wing Chest. f * Devil’s Delight Dalton E Comrie 19234
Miss Takenly Bay c Tiger Tim Horatius Judith M Barrett 19360
Miss Tro Con Bay f Halory Hunter E & D Enterprises 19564
Miss Vice Chest. c For Her Ego Distorted Humor Robert A Szeyller 19528
Miss’n Hilltown Bay c Power Mission * Power Of Mind D Michael Dowse 19839
Missle Lock Bay f Carnivalay Kathryn Goldenberg 19256
Missouri Blade Bay f * Power Of Mind Janet W Chisholm 19402
Misty Canalu Dk Brn f Misty Malibu Malibu Moon William F Goodling 19786
Misty Mountain Hop Bay c * Call To Account Robert S Stopko 19455
Mom-Mom Bay f Bossy Betsey Smart Alec Jesse J Crook 19788
Monster Mash Chest. c * Digamist Mark A Happel 19517
Moon Lady Bay c * Western Echo Andrew G P Hobbs 19381
Moon River Dk Bay c Wild Wild Willie * Wild Kiss Patricia A Fullmer 19731
Mordordor Chest. c Xtra Smooth * Quarry Summer Stables 19206
Moscow Star Dk Bay c Poor Paul * Pok Ta Pok Dennis H Shappell 19441
Motel Lights Gr/Rn c Slightly Psycho * Sysco Ridge Loren J Benetz 21812
Mouthing Off Chest. f Magic Reign * Reigning King Karen Kohl 19705
Movie Casting Bay c Boundry Layer Count The Time James R Brame 19616
Ms Portier Bay c Flegacy * Fleg Maui Meadow Farm 19824
Ms Primadonna Dk Bay c Tortilla Flat * Western Echo Tea Party Stable Inc 19321
Ms. Carnivalay Chest. c * Afleetknowsasecret Our Farm Inc 19656
Ms. Elation Chest. f Western Elation * Western Miner Bernard A Faggioli 19285
Mull Over Me Gray c Tyrant’s Trial Melissa Brangan 19852
Musical Fruit Bay c Musical Merle * Le Merle Blanc Richard N Miller 19579
Musical Talent Dk Bay c Slashback Accelerator E & D Enterprises 19554
Muskoka Beauty Bay f Gold Token Rustic Wind Breeding Farm 19367
Mutter Gray f Cloud’s Honor * Cloud’s Forty Four James Brittain 19028
My Dear Daughter Bay c * It’s Always You Our Farm Inc 19661
My Gallant Lass Chest. f * Flying Pidgeon Alan Haulman 19143
My Laurn Bay f Tail Gunner * Bombardier Herman L Iglesias 19506
My Lissie Bay f * Power Of Mind Herman L Iglesias 19505
My New Pal Dk Bay c Not For Love Walter C Reese 19847
My Papoose Bay f Waquoit William L Pape 19450
My Quest Dk Bay f My Broker Storm Broker Giuffrida Siblings Ptnshp 18977
My Tombola Roan c Lucky Memento Souvenir Copy William L Pape 19448
Mystic Island Dk Bay c Independent Lad * Pok Ta Pok Robert Updegrave Jr 19444
Mz. Chrizzmazz Chest. f My Favorite Lady * Lord Carlos Charles A Cuprill 19160
Namer Jeweleyet Chest. c * Power Of Mind Joseph Kratowicz 19251
Nancy’s Nice Bay f * Buck’sinthebank J R Rastetter Racing Stable Inc 19693
Nasherrico Dk Bay f Nash’s Valay Carnivalay Northcote Enterprises Inc 19225
Nearly Sloopy Chest. f * Corporate Report Erika G Neuberg 19137
Nevertolatetodance Chest. f * Tricky Mister M W Hartwell Racing 19452
Newshoesforbaby Bay c Fled Swear By Dixie Sylmar Farm Inc 19763
Nickalya Bay c Tri N’ Nickya * Tri For The Gold Roberta Seeger 20001
Night Delight Bay c Deluca * Knockadoon Sandra Kim Eshleman 19385
Night Risk Bay c Dark Equation Polish Numbers Bettina L Jenney 19054
Nikki Bruce Bay f Miss Nikki Y * Sir Eric Our Farm Inc 19637
No Lie She Try Dk Bay c Rolling Rock Cheer * Quarry Sally Ann Yeckley 19217
Noble’s Last Lil Bay f Fappadoon * Knockadoon Helen N Stearns 19277
Norelands Chest. f Diamond Passion Diamond Bettina L Jenney 19056
North Hall Betty Gray f Tuff Bunny * Foligno Maui Meadow Farm 19822
Northern Duty Bay c Devil Bunny * Whiz Along Margaret Hoey 19712
Northern Gem Dk Bay c Satanic Verses Devil His Due Abram Simoff 19108
Northern Might Dk Bay f * Pok Ta Pok Frederick A Ziegler 19613
Northern Zeal Chest. c The Zeal Deal * Cappuccio Pheasant Valley Farm 19445
Northland Belle Brown f Envious Dance Brightly Giuffrida Siblings Ptnshp 18979
Northrop’s Angel Chest. f Pesky Angel * Roanoke John W McKean 19820
Nuttin Doing Brown c * Activist Judith M Barrett 19311
Oh Say c Aaron’s Concorde Charles R Eigleson BAD ADDRESS 19014
Oh Say Annie Bay c Nova’s Star * Power Of Mind William J Miller 19497
Ohmymercy Bay c Leggo My Echo * Western Echo Fox Tale 20176
On The Buff Dk Bay c Buff’s Love Not For Love Lee H Vosters et al 20011
One Classy Lady Chest. f * Beyond The Mint Paul E Labe Jr 19493
One More Punch Dk Bay f Hit Or Kiss * Wild Kiss Patricia A Fullmer 19732
One Of The Least Dk Bay c Significant One In Case Robert C Boyce 19758
One Tough Wish Dk Bay c Gavins Wish W/Draw Haymaker Robert E Myers 19902
One Up On You Bay f Awad’s Quest Awad Theresa Jane Turner 19510
Opinion Chest. f * Nepal Charles A Cuprill 19162
Our Golden Queen Bay f Our Mistic Lady Shelter Half Norman R Miller 19178
Our Miss Matters Chest. f * Every Intent Charles Domske 20008
Our Pretty Image Dk Bay f Our Royal Image Shelter Half Norman R Miller 19180
Our Reflection Chest. f Bougar’s Token * Saucy Token Patricia A Fullmer 19724
Our Special Dk Bay f Mom’s Grandeur Larrupin’ Chickridge LLC 18937
Our Super Lady Chest. f Our Swift Lady Islefaxyou Norman R Miller 19179
Our Turn To Hope Dk Bay f Sunshine Johanne * Roanoke SUN Corp 19429
Out Of A Cannon Dk Bay c Partner’s Hero Welcome Here Farm LLC 19583
Out Right Lie Bay f * Buck’sinthebank J R Rastetter Racing Stable Inc 19696
Pair Of Tricks Dk Bay c Mr. Tricky * Tricky Mister Steven J Krebs 19193
Palace Life Chest. f * Proof Our Farm Inc 19660
Pam Ann Dancer Chest. c Destiny By Chance * Roanoke Thomas N Reigle 19462
Pantalona Dk Bay f Sister Lisa Accelerator Casino Royale Farm Inc 19601
Parasol Day Chest. f Sunny Day Forecast * Manastash Ridge Kathryn Goldenberg 19253
Parfait Noir Dk Bay c Nittany Express * Quarry Xanthus Farms Inc 19125
Party Gift Chest. c North Flash Malibu Moon Giuffrida Siblings Ptnshp 18974
Passionate Cub Chest. f Polish Numbers Maple Leaf Farm 19620
Passionately Chest. f Halory Hunter E & D Enterprises 19573
Patience Too Bay f Princess Natty Zeno Fon Sandra E Conner – DO NOT MAIL 20054
Pay My Ransom Bay f * Sir Eric Our Farm Inc 19659
Penny B. Lucky Dk Bay c Lucky Ghost Silver Ghost Robert A Szeyller 19529
Pentecostal Chest. c * Nepal Dennis Beattie 19734
Peppermint Lady Chest. f Peppermint Affair Not For Love Paul E Labe Jr 19494
Phoebe Du Rouge Dk Bay f * Rastra Restless Oaks Farm LLC 19992
Phone Caller Dk Bay c Jacobs Caller * Obstructed Valley Forge Racing Stables Inc 19641
Pie War Chest. f Sweet Georgie Girl * Corporate Report Northcote Enterprises Inc 19226
Pied Pepper Bay f Maurkara * It’s Always You Our Farm Inc 19658
Pink Punch Bay c Bruceybruceybrucey Waquoit Helen N Stearns 19279
Platinada Bay c Gentleman’s Bet Western Gentleman Blair E Minnich 19542
Pleased To Pass Dk Bay f Storm Broker Marcia Lee Wolfe 19523
Polly Voo Yawl Dk Bay f Spider Annie * Roanoke E Clinton Lowry 19633
Poppys Sureshot Chest. f * Power Of Mind Denise M Smylie 19362
Positive Rainbow Bay f A. P Jet Carl Roger Khuen 19604
Poster Supreme f * Nepal Roberta L Schneider MD 19535
Power On Ice Bay f Alphabet Soup R H Breeding LLC 19399
Power Puff Brown f Power Tower * Knockadoon Sylmar Farm Inc 19802
Precious Roman Dk Bay c Romaninahurry Accelerator Helen N Stearns 19278
Preemptive Bid Bay c Name Your Price * Roanoke McCormick Stables Inc 22028
Princess Letitia Bay c Langfuhr Robert A Szeyller 19531
Princess Norah Dk Bay c Holdeverything * Quarry Wayne P Bartoni 19965
Promptly Chest. c Distant View George Strawbridge Jr dba 18990
Prospect Creek Bay f * Bombardier Castle Rock Farm 19471
Prospect Her Bay c Working Class Ordway Pamela Arnold 19689
Protiva Dk Bay f Tiva Two Punch Frances H Leidy 19189
Proud Cosmah Dk Bay f Comprobante * Deposit Ticket Chickridge LLC 18936
Proudest Charlie f * Roanoke SUN Corp 19430
Proudly Elegant Bay c Just Hooligan Larrupin’ Caroline Stearns 19275
Pumping Iron Dk Bay f Repeated Action Pleasant Dancer Eugene E Weymouth 19548
Purely Platonic Dk Bay f Pure Jaz Tamayaz Spinnaker Hill Upland Spg Farm 19268
Queen Lizzie Chest. f Lizzie Lane * Alyten James R Wyatt 19988
Queen Of Briarwood Chest. f Chris’slittlegirl Sheryar Cynthia Cohen Gallagher 19005
Quite Amazing Bay c Louis Quatorze Lori D Swatsworth 18928
Quite An Honour Bay f Quite A Decision * Roanoke Judith M Barrett 19359
Quoit An Asset Bay c Quoit A Journey * Obstructed Our Farm Inc 19657
Quoit Brillant Bay c Quoit A Hero Partner’s Hero Anna B Sasso 19064
Raggaas Rose Roan f Our Georgia Mae * Two Davids Joan B O’Donnell 19177
Ragged Robin Dk Bay f Friday’s Partners Partner’s Hero Judith I Gaebel 19451
Raiseamundo Dk Bay f * Tricky Mister Maltese Stables Inc 19516
Raisedonfashion Bay c Raised On Rhetoric * Activist Judith M Barrett 19303
Rao Merahi Bay c * Flying Pidgeon Edwin Stopherd 19371
Real Crystal Bay c * Ace Eyes Vernard W Bacon 19496
Reba Reba Bay c Ghazi Deer Lake Farms Inc 19688
Recording Bay f Unbridled George Strawbridge Jr dba 19001
Red Border Dk Bay c Devilontheborder Tamayaz Bettina L Jenney 19052
Red Sandra Chest. c Sunshine Alan * Manastash Ridge SUN Corp 19427
Rediscover Bay c Rodeo Janis L Gerace 19774
Remember November Bay f Calcite Captain Bodgit E & D Enterprises 18939
Repetitious Bay f Rouse The Louse Robert Nietert 19509
Resounding Chest. c Short Fuse Shorty Lite The Fuse Jean A Seidel 19743
Rewarding Date Bay c Shadow Show Welcome Here Farm LLC 19585
Rex’s Best Chest. c Older And Wiser * Deposit Ticket William J Solomon VMD 19409
Rexy Lady Dk Bay c * Manastash Ridge Amy L Randolph 19369
Ribot’s Miss Roan f T J’s Token * Saucy Token Patricia A Fullmer 19725
Richard’s Lady J. Brown f Lady J’s Partner Partner’s Hero Frances Hartwell 19317
Ridge Quoit Dk Bay c First Cause A. P Jet Jos A Cerceo dba The Parklands Center 19798
Right Alliance Chest. c * Obstructed Our Farm Inc 19655
Risque Rogue Bay c Slice Of Reality Summer Stables 19205
Ristna Bay c Move West Gone West George Strawbridge Jr dba 18993
River Dame Dk Bay f Discounted Dame Unaccounted For E & D Enterprises 19575
Roberta Tudor Chest. f Squadron Leader Deer Lake Farms Inc 19687
Roberta’s Song Bay c * Bombardier Karen E Markey 18959
Robin’s Double Dk Bay c * Roanoke Gerald J Busk 19383
Rock Bottom Babee Bay f Rock Dee Times Count The Time Sandee Dee Beattie 19199
Rock Of Angels Gr/Ro f Ryans Waqut Angel Waquoit John Kidwell 18973
Rockaway Rosebud Chest. f Ms Rock N Rosey * Fini Cassette Richard N Miller 19580
Rocket Rita Bay f C. C. ‘s Rocket * Erland Patricia A Fullmer 19720
Romanissimo c Luongo * Foligno Ashwell Stables Inc 19335
Romantic Affair Brown f Romantic Rendezvoo Partner’s Hero Cynthia J Darrah-Hipple 19397
Ronni O Dk Bay f Safe Streets * Ocean Splash Joan E Wolf 19344
Roses Are Gray Gray c Any Old Time * Pok Ta Pok Thomas A Hails 19954
Roundabout Midnite Chest. f It’s Derma Lee * Erland Patricia A Fullmer 19721
Roving Duchess Grey f * Bankbook Marlin Zipp 19421
Royal Gesture Bay c Joey G Accelerator Michael Mascarelli 19781
Royal Glory Dk Bay f Prospect Bay E & D Enterprises 19568
Royal Invite Gray c * Silver Leader Robert S Stopko 19456
Rubber Stamped Bay f * Traffic Zack Our Farm Inc 19654
Ruby Sunset Chest. f * Fleg Robert E Myers 19762
Running Secret Chest. c Diamond Peggy L Reever 19201
S W Betster Dk Bay f S W Kissin Bee Press Card Richard A Reveley DECEASED 19522
S W Phoebie Bay f S W Brean Rose * Knockadoon Richard A Reveley DECEASED 19521
S W Spider Gr/Ro f If Its Our Destiny * Roanoke Roberta L Schneider MD 19534
Sabot Bay c Peaks And Valleys Estate of Truman C Welling 19172
Sad Refrain Dk Bay f Immune To Gloom Citidancer William L Pape 19447
Sajalak Bay c Nothankyouplease Thats A Nono Mary Sue Brennan 19835
Sajonia Chest. f Speedy Appeal Appealing Skier Roberta Seeger 19995
Salutely True Bay f Shannon’s Salute * Genuino Ronald Thoma 19790
Sandpiper Bay c Black Raptor Allen’s Prospect Estate of Truman C Welling 19174
Sarcastique f * Cappuccio Elizabeth Clark 19789
Satin To Silk Bay f Gisellous Awad Richard H Bosshard Jr 19259
Saucey Missy Dk Bay f Sauceyrubin Larrupin’ Howard C Schaeffer Jr 19240
Saucy Diamond c * Roanoke Bryant H Prentice III 19419
Savanna Dawn Chest. c Dawn’s Wonder Appealing Skier Vito Uva 19897
Scarab Bracelet Bay c Kingmambo Brushwood Stable 19095
Scoop The Gold Chest. c Storm Cat Brushwood Stable 19096
Sean’s Gold Bay f Crypto Star Sylmar Farm Inc 19769
Seattle Way Bay f Seeking The Gold George Strawbridge Jr dba 18999
Secret Cover Dk Bay f Caspian Cover Girl Islamabad Tammi S Faber 19314
Senorita Speedy Bay f Speedy Badger Numerous E & D Enterprises 19567
Sensible Star Bay c * Buck’sinthebank J R Rastetter Racing Stable Inc 19698
Sentimental Mardi Dk Bay c Waquoit Paula J Wilson 19796
Sham Passion Chest. c Fit Of Passion Fit To Fight Roberta Seeger 19996
Shamrock Show Dk Bay c Victorycelebration Victory Gallop Welcome Here Farm LLC 19594
Shandon Star Bay c De Magic Moment De Niro Leigh A Herzberger 19431
Sharp Angle Bay c Sharp Spec * Digamist Robert E Myers 19761
Sharply Higher Bay f JM Mexicanhatdance Fred Astaire Jennifer L Post 19853
She Can Bite Dk Bay f Zenaida’svalentine * Alyten Juan Carlos Guerrero 21683
She Does Magic Bay c Primal Wizard Pioneering R H Breeding LLC 19400
She’s A Party Girl Bay c Ops Smile Ashwell Stables Inc 19336
She’s Fab Grey c Dixie Cheer Swear By Dixie Highland Eyrie Inc 19464
Sheer Temptation Bay c * Tri For The Gold Roberta Seeger 19994
Shekincharm Dk Brn f * Corporate Report Erika G Neuberg 19138
Sheltered Empress Chest. f Corporate Empress * Corporate Report William J Solomon VMD 19410
Sheltered Teenager Bay c Difficult Teenager * Corporate Report William J Solomon VMD 19411
Sheltered View Chest. c Yo Cuz Pioneering Welcome Here Farm LLC 19587
Shepherd Park Dk Bay c Charanne Parktwo Aaron’s Concorde Charles R Eigleson BAD ADDRESS 19854
Shesalilfancy Dk Bay c Pop Pop’s Jimmy Accelerator E & D Enterprises 19555
Shoal Bay Bay f Shril Bay Carnivalay Geraldine Mooneyham 20952
Short Hunt Chest. f Thunder Gulch David G Szymanski 18947
Sichana Chest. f Coral’s Colony Pleasant Tap Estate of Truman C Welling 19175
Silent Cat Bay f Dynamic Cat Dynaformer George Strawbridge Jr dba 18992
Silent Shell Chest. c Silent Quarry * Quarry Summer Stables 19207
Silent Turn Dk Bay f Silent Bull Holy Bull Maple Leaf Farm 19622
Silly Baeder Dk Bay c Jester Flying * Flying Pidgeon Giles C Cook 19991
Silver Galore Dk Bay f Silver Satin Sash Carr De Naskra Suzanne H Jenkins 19746
Silver Gold N Blue Chest. f * Sir Eric Our Farm Inc 19653
Silver Wire Gray c Legend’s Silver Capote George Strawbridge Jr dba 18989
Silvermento Gr/Rn c Clemente Ops Smile Charlton BloodstockAgency Inc 19625
Sincerely Janet Bay c Closed Session * Corporate Report Holly Run Farm Inc 19302
Singapore Sting Bay f Quiet Sting Quiet American P F N Fanning 19069
Sinister Victory Bay c Victory Strike Cobra King Clarke Whitaker 21654
Sir Eric’s Girl Chest. c Sumgotitsumdontido * Afleetknowsasecret Our Farm Inc 19652
Six Ascot Chest. c Halory Hunter Jennifer L Post 19850
Skip’n Anda Jump’n Gray c Dont Know Jack Diamond Leslie Krohn 19949
Slewpy’s Prospect Dk Bay c Carnivalay Bruce Wallace 19255
Slick Turn Baby Bay c Polish Turn Polish Numbers JoAnn D Alexander 19495
Slightly Perfect Bay c Love You Mean It * Tricky Mister Darlene Reese 19772
Sly Jezzie Brown f * Power Of Mind Jessie M Allred 19392
Smart ‘n Assertive Bay c Assertive Stuff Allen’s Prospect Maple Leaf Farm 19203
Smartenof Dk Bay c My Fox Point Horatius Charles A King Jr 19599
Smile With A Smile Bay f Star Of Sahm Sahm Jose I Samaniego 18946
Snars Good Fortune Dk Bay c Biterman * Bankbook Wendy H Mutnick 19236
Snowbowl Bay c Highland Bowl Pleasant Tap George Strawbridge Jr dba 18996
So Sincere Bay c Crypto Star Carter’s Thicket Farm 19328
So They Say Dk Bay c Velocious Sir Cat Leigh A Herzberger 19434
Social Wing Bay c Ol’ Mine Road Crypto Star Deborah M Costello Smylie 18969
Solo Sasseena Chest. c Solo Colony * Roanoke Bryant H Prentice III 19418
Someday’s Cup Chest. c Some Image Halo’s Image Patricia L Chapman 19195
Something Precious Chest. f One Tough Birdie * Roanoke Brenda Gayle Legg 19465
Song Of Seattle Dk Bay f Bernadetteprospect Allen’s Prospect Elaine Kristman 20639
Sonic Love Bay c * Looks Good To Me Burton J Butker 19339
Soquickley Bay f Lil’ Iodine * Tricky Mister Joseph R Shelton 19250
Southern Chic Bay f Take Me Out Jeffrey M Meyer 18958
Sovereign Nation Bay c Souvenier Copy Shelly Cassel 19549
Sparkling Psycho Bay c Leather Helmet * Harry The Hat Robert W Shavelson 19800
Speak Swahili Brown f Floaway Crypto Star Sylmar Farm Inc 19765
Spectacular April Dk Bay c Spectacular Huey Formal Gold Estate of Daniel A Inverso 19218
Spicy Page Bay c Golden Drive Ormsby Blossom Hill Breeders 19618
Splashing Girl Chest. f Smoking Quality Elusive Quality Xanthus Farms Inc 19896
Sportin Doll Bay c Quarry Rocks Doll * Pok Ta Pok Jack M Roboski 19233
Sportin’ Jane Bay c Sportin’ Merle * Le Merle Blanc Richard N Miller 19578
Sportin’ Orphan Chest. f Lovely Orphan * Corporate Report William J Solomon VMD 19412
Sportin’ Woman Chest. c Homeland Security * Corporate Report William J Solomon VMD 19413
Sporting Lady Chest. f * Manastash Ridge James L Driver 19390
Squirreltoothalice Dk Bay c Squirrel Crossing Valley Crossing Xanthus Farms Inc 19127
Star Devine Bay c Star’s Gold * Tri For The Gold Roberta Seeger 20002
Star On Her Way Dk Bay f Pleasant Way * Roanoke Bryant H Prentice III 19420
Stardusk Chest. c Bahri Jean A Seidel 19741
Stay Up Late Bay c Out Of Place Frances H Leidy 19188
Steely’s Punch Bay c Steely’s Skitz * Bombardier Robert B Myers III 19940
Steppin Early Bay f * Digamist Summer Stables 19210
Stolen Moments Dk Bay c Jade Heist Itaka Lori D Swatsworth 18930
Stone Harbor Dk Bay f Missing Woman Crypto Star Diane B Thomas 19223
Stop The Song Dk Bay f Saltish Salt Lake Eugene E Weymouth 19545
Storm Berry Chest. c Stormin Hillbilly * Roanoke William Diefenderfer 18949
Stormy Creek Bay f Intraffic * Traffic Zack Our Farm Inc 19651
Stormy Sunshine Bay/Br f Not For Love John Lemmens 19627
Strategic Maneuver Bay f Deputy Minister Brushwood Stable 19093
Su Ka Bucks Bay f Minnie Bucks * Digamist Thomas E Simms 19750
Subtle Terms DK Bay f Queen Of Naples Mister Baileys Xanthus Farms Inc 19123
Such A Ruckus Bay c Hard Rock Bottom Incurable Optimist Flint W Stites 19701
Suddenly Blue Dk Bay c True Blue Prospect Allen’s Prospect Karen S Farrar 19393
Summell Dk Bay f Moon Thistle Malibu Moon Ellendale Racing LLC 19237
Sun Sprite Bay f Lear Fan Frances H Leidy 19187
Sunday Racer Bay c Michael’s Legacy Hurricane State Charlene Liddick 19876
Super Sami Suzy Bay f Shannon Bobannon * Traffic Zack Our Farm Inc 19650
Susiefinder Bay c Almost Doris * Obstructed Our Farm Inc 19649
Sweet And Fleet Dk Bay c Windy’s Pride * Roanoke Marcia Lee Wolfe 19525
Sweet Capitain Dk Bay c Lit De Justice Janis L Gerace 19773
Sweet Linda North Bay c Cash Commander * Saucy Token Patricia A Fullmer 19726
Sweet Ophelia Dk Bay f Gemini Girl * Roanoke Eugene A Fisher 19347
Sweet Poison Bay c Poison Oak * Roanoke Stuart B Hanford 19797
Swing To It Dk Bay f Love That Rhythm Sultry Song Ashwell Stables Inc 19332
Swing With The Flo Dk Bay c Swing For Love Not For Love Elaine Kristman 20638
Take On Two Chest. c Two By Ten * Alyten Shirley A Lojeski 19710
Tamerlane Brown f * No Bondage Barbara Ann Buzby 19514
Tango Please Gr f Hangwiththehaves Two Punch Michael Chovanes 21087
Tarika Bay f Polish Numbers George Strawbridge Jr dba 18997
Tarot Card Chest. f * Just Like Jo Francis J Puleo 18966
Tax Day Baby Chest. f Baby’sfirstdeposit * Deposit Ticket Darryl Mack 19808
Taylors April Love Chest. f Cayja’s March Love * Devil’s Delight James E Nicholson Sr 19133
Teedleewinks Chest. f Mind If I Wink * Power Of Mind David F Greenbaum MD 19748
Tejano Music Roan c Black Hummer * It’s Always You Fred DiMeo 19631
Tekoa Chest. c Caromon Maria’s Mon Lori D Swatsworth 18929
Termination Notice Grey c Mt Pockets Valley Crossing Jodie Pointer 19770
Terms Of Victory Chest. c Means To Win Allen’s Prospect Juan E Zapata 19900
Tern Dk Bay f Gold Dancer Allen’s Prospect Welcome Here Farm LLC 19591
Terra Tanya Dk Bay f Echos Angel * Western Echo Tea Party Stable Inc 19318
Testified Bay f Miss Testified Defrere Jean A Seidel 19739
Texas Cinema Bay f Two Punch Denise K McHenry 19230
Thankfully Yours Bay f Venus Rules * Deposit Ticket William J Solomon VMD 19414
The High Grass Bay f Pouncer Cat’s Career Susan C Baldrige 19553
Thinkoutsidethebox Dk Bay c Allen’s Prospect Kathryn Goldenberg 19254
Thirty Two Degrees Gray c Thirty Two Skidoo * Bombardier Peter Giangiulio 19477
This Is Insane Bay f Lord Carson Leigh A Herzberger 19436
Thorn Brush Brown f Good Effort * Dark Mystery Giuffrida Siblings Ptnshp 18975
Thrice As Nice Dk Bay c Patriota * Lord Carlos Charles A Cuprill 19161
Time To Reply Dk Bay f Rucava Prospect Bay Summer Stables 19208
Tira Me Sue Bay f Vision Of Sue Crypto Star Anthony W Ostan dba 19527
Tj’s Tuff As Nails Gr/Rn f Tuff Partners Partner’s Hero Pewter Stable 19461
To Blossom Again Bay f Western Blossom West By West E & D Enterprises 19576
To Katie With Love Chest. f * It’s Always You Our Farm Inc 19648
Too Easy Bay c Trade For The Rent * Western Echo Cindy Detweiler 19376
Too Much Feed Gray c Much Ransom * Star Of Ransom Wertz Farms 19239
Tool Time Dk Bay f Della N’ Time Munch N’ Nosh Del Snyder 19818
Top Kiss Bay f Irish Pudding Marlin James J Nicoletti 19454
Tough Annie Chest. f Sexy Ways * Manastash Ridge Roberta L Schneider MD 19537
Tough Blade Dk Bay c Level Sands Leigh A Herzberger 19435
Tough N Sassy Chest. c Smokin Joe * Digamist Ronald W Rogers 22189
Trademeforsilver Bay f Silver Vein * Erland Patricia A Fullmer 19722
Trellis Bay Chest. f Bay Of Bulls * This Bulls For You David B Anderson 19827
Tri Stage Rockette Bay f Miss Jekyll * Roanoke James J Nicoletti 19453
True Content Bay c True Rock * Digamist Rich Gehrke 19102
True Tune Bay f Oldies But Goodies * Quarry Maria R Vorhauer 19989
Truth and Nobility Dk Bay f Fulmine Dayjur Briter Farm 19018
Tsu Tsu Slew Dk Bay f Another Tsu Tsu * Roanoke Bryant H Prentice III 19417
Tuna Puna Colleen Dk Bay f Always Colleen * It’s Always You Our Farm Inc 19647
Turbo Matt Tic Bay c Dodging Traffic * Traffic Zack Our Farm Inc 19646
Turkish Tryst Bay f Stravinsky Brushwood Stable 19097
Twentyone North Dk Bay c Wild’n’lumpy * Wild Kiss Patricia A Fullmer 19733
Twice Excited Bay f * Harry The Hat Elizabeth C Bird 19387
Twice Snookered Chest. f * Tricky Mister Charles A King Jr 19830
Twilight Spook f Run Softly Patricia M Palmer Estate 19426
Twin Voice f Run Softly E & D Enterprises 19574
Twist And Churn Bay f Sweet Crafty Kiss Tri Line Joanne P Martin 19977
Two Dreamer Gr/Rn f Tactical Blast Tactical Cat Juan E Zapata 19901
Uncomitted Lady Bay c Prospect Bay Robert A Szeyller 19530
Uno Selecto Chest. f Cheer Land * Erland Patricia A Fullmer 19723
Valid Dream Bay f Fun Maggie Brogan Patricia A Fullmer 19716
Vals Valor Dk Bay f Flying Valor * Flying Pidgeon Estate of Jane G Baker Deceased 19499
Very Busy Dk Bay c Vladimir * Roanoke Susan C Walmer 20353
Very Slick Bay c Private Key Warren D Anderson 19337
Via Dei Portici Chest. f Citidancer Henrietta K Alexander 18961
Victoria’s Dani Grey c * Buck’sinthebank J R Rastetter Racing Stable Inc 19690
Vision’s Tale Brown f Tamayaz Carter’s Thicket Farm 19329
Visioness Dk Bay f Out Of Focus Two Punch William L Pape 19449
Vixens’ Sword Bay c * Northern Crook Robert S Stopko 19458
Voyage To Nowhere f Oh Say Wendy Ellen McGarry 19293
Waki Summer Chest. c Summer Break * Roanoke Coal Valley Farm Ltd 19245
Wampum Bomb Bay f * Northern Crook Robert S Stopko 19457
Waquoit Landing Gr/Rn c Seaver Partner’s Hero P F N Fanning 19073
War Honey Chest. f Let’s Party Honey * Saucy Token Patricia A Fullmer 19727
Wavering Wandy Bay f Sea Glass Grindstone Spinnaker Hill Upland Spg Farm 19269
Way Wolf Bay c Western Wolf * Western Miner Bernard A Faggioli 19286
We Wak Harbor Dk Bay c Storm Broker Welcome Here Farm LLC 19588
Webb’s Woodd c Playful Cat Cat’s Career Patricia M Palmer Estate 19423
Weekend Delight Bay f Real Quiet Jean A Seidel 19742
Well Bred Nymph Chest. c Artful Act * Aquarian Prince John C Holder Jr 19388
Wendy Vaala Bay c Gone West Brushwood Stable 19094
Wester Sire Sauce Chest. c Digwest * Digamist Xanthus Farms Inc 19120
Western Mint Chest. f Deputy Commander P F N Fanning 19078
What A Commotion Bay f Peaceful Commotion * Cope With Peace Scott Russo 19322
Where Is Me Bay c Here I Is Carnivalay Linda K Wooleyhan 19959
Whitewalls Bay c Helmsman Arthur Thom Brede Estate 19006
Wicklow Flyer Bay f Nagem Nagem Nagem Crypto Star The 1 Stable Inc 19200
Wiklewaywabbit Dk Bay c Winkelberry * Quarry Rich Gehrke 19104
Wild ‘N’ Nasty Dk Bay c Cryptoclearance E & D Enterprises 19815
Wild Sally Bay c * Traffic Zack Our Farm Inc 19645
Windward Hope Bay f Flying Windward * Flying Pidgeon Estate of Jane G Baker Deceased 19500
Winning Falcon Black f Not For Love William F Goodling 19784
Wolf Call Bay f Hazaam Geraldyne F Mitchell 19060
Wolf Creek Dancer Chest. f Comstock Lode Summer Stables 19209
Wrinkled Brow Bay f Annacoco Family Calling Susan B Thayer 19353
Yanni’s Girl Brown f Show Of Heart * Two Davids Shannon Houghton 19745
Yesterdays Glitter Dk Bay f Deerview Lady * Roanoke Dennis H Shappell 19439
Yield To None Chest. f B. C. Allen Mary Sue Brennan 19836
Young Sister Gr/Rn f Estampa * Lord At Law Charles A Cuprill 19158
Zooming Waters Brown c C F Casada * No Bondage Edwin Stopherd 19372

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