2018 Stallion Auction

2018 PHBA Stallion Auction

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StallionStanding At
Afleet Alex (LF)Gainesway (KY)
Aikenite (NG)Calumet Farm (KY)
Alpha (NG)Sequel Stallions (NY)
Americain (NG)Calumet Farm (KY)
Andiron (LF)Xanthus Farm (PA)
Bahamian Squall (LF)Double Diamond Farm (FL)
Bandbox (NG)Northview Stallion Station (MD)
Behesht (FR) (NG)Calumet Farm (KY)
Buffum (LF)Northview Stallion Station (MD)
Bullsbay (LF)Northview Stallion Station (PA)
Cal Nation (LF)Kingfisher Lane Farm (PA)
Conveyance (NG)Buck Pond Farm (KY)
D'Funnybone (NG)Rockridge Stud (NY)
Dialed In (NG)Darby Dan Farm (KY)
Divining Rod (LF)Country Life Farm (MD)
Dr Large (LF)Oriskany Creek Farm (NY)
Drinkwiththedevil (LF)Xanthus Farm (PA)
Eclipticalspraline (LF)Diamond B Farm (PA)
Eye Of The Leopard (NG)Calumet Farm (KY)
Friesan Fire (LF)Country Life Farm (MD)
Gemologist (NG)WinStar Farm (KY)
Giant Surprise (NG)Rockridge Stud (NY)
Golden Lad (LF)Northview Stallion Station (MD)
Got The Last Laugh (LF)Diamond B Farm (PA)
Grande Shores (NG)Bean Ridge Farms (WV)
Great Notion (LF)Northview Stallion Station (MD)
Grey Swallow (IRE) (NG)Calumet Farm (KY)
Hakassan (NG)Millennium Farms (KY)
Honorable Dillon (NG)Rockridge Stud (NY)
In The Woods (LF)Xanthus Farm (PA)
Jump Start (LF)Northview Stallion Station (PA)
Laoban (NG)Sequel New York (NY)
Lemon Drop Kid (NG)Lane's End (KY)
Liaison (NG)Spendthrift Farm (KY)
Liam's Map (NG)Lane's End (KY)
Madefromlucky (LF)Northview Stallion Station (MD)
Medallist (LF)Northview Stallion Station (PA)
Micromanage (NG)Rockridge Stud (NY)
Midshipman (NG)Darley Stallions (KY)
Mineshaft (NG)Lane's End (KY)
Mission Impazible (NG)Sequel New York (NY)
Morning Line (NG)Lane's End (KY)
Mosler (LF)Country Life Farm (MD)
Mr. Sidney (NG)Bean Ridge Farms (WV)
Mr Speaker (NG)Lane's End (KY)
Mr. Z (NG)Calumet Farm (KY)
Musketier (GER) (NG)Calumet Farm (KY)
Niagara Causeway (NG)Buck Pond Farm (KY)
Noble Mission (NG)Lane's End (KY)
Optimizer (NG)Calumet Farm (KY)
Partner's Hero (LF)Castle Rock Farm (PA)
Peace and Justice (LF)Northview Stallion Station (PA)
Perfect Soul (NG)Darby Dan Farm (KY)
Power By Far (LF)Castle Rock Farm (PA)
Producer (GB) (NG)Calumet Farm (KY)
Protonico (NG)Darby Dan Farm (KY)
Raison d'Etat (NG)Calumet Farm (KY)
Ready's Image (NG)Calumet Farm (KY)
Real Solution (NG)Calumet Farm (KY)
Red Rocks (IRE) (NG)Calumet Farm (KY)
Red Vine (LF)Xanthus Farm (PA)
Redeemed (LF)Northview Stallion Station (MD)
Revolutionary (NG)WinStar Farm (KY)
Rimrod (LF)Castle Rock Farm (PA)
Run Away And Hide (NG)Darby Dan Farm (KY)
Shackleford (NG)Darby Dan Farm (KY)
Sky Kingdom (NG)Darby Dan Farm (KY)
Slumber (GB) (NG)Calumet Farm (KY)
Smarty Jones 3 seasons 1 (LF) 2 (NG)Calumet Farm (KY)
Snapy Halo (ARG) (NG)Calumet Farm (KY)
Soaring Empire (NG)Rockridge Stud (NY)
Southern Success (LF)Xanthus Farm (PA)
Stephanoatsee (NG)Sequel New York (NY)
Super Ninety Nine (LF)Country Life Farm (MD)
Taken By The Storm (LF)Xanthus Farm (PA)
Tale of Ekati (NG)Darby Dan Farm (KY)
Talent Search (LF)Diamond B Farm (PA)
Tapiture (NG)Darby Dan Farm (KY)
Tom's Ready (NG)Spendthrift Farm (KY)
Tonalist (NG)Lane's End (KY)
Tourist (NG)WinStar Farm (KY)
Trinniberg (NG)Rockridge Stud (NY)
Twirling Candy (NG)Lane's End (KY)
Uncle Lino (LF)Northview Stallion Station (PA)
Unfettered (LF)Xanthus Farm (PA)
Unified (NG)Lane's End (KY)
Uptowncharlybrown (LF)Diamond B Farm (PA)
V.E. Day (NG)Buck Pond Farm (KY)
Victory Isle (LF)Xanthus Farm (PA)
War Correspondent (NG)Calumet Farm (KY)
Weigelia (LF)WynOaks Farm (PA)
Well Spelled (LF)Godstone Farm (PA)
White Mercedes (LF)Xanthus Farm (PA)
Wildcat Red (NG)Buck Pond Farm (KY)
XiXiXi (LF) Xanthus Farm (PA)