2002 PA-Breds



dam color sex horse pas sire breeder panum
Ack Me Why Dk Bay f Rose’s Idea Storm Broker Alvin T Durborow 20236
Afilly Named Jilly Dk Bay f L B Spitfire * Alyten Bonnie Factor 20096
Afindlady Dk Bay c Afindgeneral * Patton Alan Bedard 20670
After The Glitter Bay f Gem’s Shining Quiet American Eugene E Weymouth 20635
Aiken’s Taken Gr/Ro f Run M Run Runaway Groom Russell B Jones Jr 20264
Alarming Bend Bay c Alarmactivation * Activist Clarke Whitaker 20345
Alerta Chest. c Speedalert * Proof Our Farm Inc 20713
Algieri Dk Brn c * Western Miner Bernard A Faggioli 20303
All Active Bay f * Foligno Witchway Stables 20429
Altnaharra Gr/Roa c Water Wolf Wolf Power Ashwell Stables Inc 20229
Always Judgemental Dk Bay c A J Meadow Meadow Monster Summer Stables 20141
Aly Grandar Dk Bay f Miz Fix Hollow * De Niro E Clinton Lowry 20577
Alytune Bay c * De Niro Hill Haven Inc 20049
Amaysing Diane c * Patton Samuel Guarino 20926
Ambers Victory Bay c He’sfastnfurious * Cappuccio Pheasant Valley Farm 20122
American Design Bay f Designed * Patton Mary Cacchiotti 20338
Amerricoinrest Bay c * Obstructed Our Farm Inc 20711
Amy’s Relief Gr/Rn c Indy Forest Malibu Moon Deborah M Costello Smylie 19899
Ana Rosa Chest. c Smilin’ Riley * Corporate Report Robert Drew Quinn 20198
Andrea’s Champ Bay c Soap Box * Activist Judith M Barrett 20348
Andy’s Bonus Dk Bay c * Activist Judith M Barrett 20162
Anetta J Chest. c I Got My I On You Storm Broker William F Goodling 20299
Angel Kisses Bay f Seattle Slew Brushwood Stable 20077
Angie’s Star Bay f Simply Complicated Malibu Moon Lydee D Shea 20366
Anita Lass Bay f Shania Lass * Flying Pidgeon E Marie Morrison 20376
Anitawyn Chest. f Braewynn Yarrow Brae Witchway Stables 20594
Annie Sez Bay c Who Sez Activate * Activist Clarke Whitaker 20344
Another Deposit Bay c Captiva Drive * Power Of Mind Margarita Tzortzakis 20601
Antonello Bay f Anna’s Jules Jules Anthony W Ostan dba 20453
Anxiety Attack Dk Bay c Leprechaun’s Gold Gold Legend Summer Stables 20040
Anyone’s Daughter Dk Bay f * Patton Dennis H Shappell 20252
Anytime Anyway Bay f Anytime Johnny * Quarry Xanthus Farms Inc 20506
Apalachee Breeze Bay c * Attorney Carl E Adams 20534
Appealingly Roan f * Buck’sinthebank J R Rastetter Racing Stable Inc 20585
Arbor Joy Bay c Dig Deeplee * Digamist Luis A Gonzalez Jr 20773
Armed And Ready Dk Bay f La Grande Armee Partner’s Hero William G McAlonan VMD 20668
Arrowood Maiden Bay f Active Maiden * Activist Judith M Barrett 20163
Arty Turn Dk Bay c Joey Carson Lord Carson Ted A Blouse 20121
Athenian Treasure Bay f * Deposit Ticket Pewter Stable 20359
Auto Train Chest. f Enmienda * Lord At Law Charles A Cuprill 19888
Avens Chest. f Christmas Storm Rodney L Hocker 19941
B. J. Ruckus Dk Bay f Diana’s Dream Friendly Lover Lori D Swatsworth 19873
Baccata’s Surprise Dk Bay c Mills Road Unbridled Jet Eugene A Fisher 20132
Balistroika Chest. c Rahy Brushwood Stable 20075
Bandral Bay c North Potomac Not For Love Denise K McHenry 20020
Banker’s Hours Bay c Knock Off Early * Knockadoon Helen N Stearns 20059
Barbarasgoneagain Bay f Mimi’s Sister General Royal Donald Reeder 20066
Barracouta Chest. c Looe Allen’s Prospect Carol Lynn LeVine 20499
Beach Landing Chest. f Beach Love Not For Love James Nolan 20215
Beachly Dk Bay c Proudtoserve * Pok Ta Pok Jeffrey Haller 20491
Beaver Falls Bay c * Reigning King Karen Kohl 20129
Beckys Bread Bay c Is’timeforcheers Is Sveikatas Clarke Whitaker 20341
Bee Bea Bay f * Buck’sinthebank J R Rastetter Racing Stable Inc 20586
Bel Air Dawn Bay f Trial Heat * Attorney Judith M Barrett 19983
Bella Katherine Dk Brn f Livia * Dark Mystery Giuffrida Siblings Ptnshp 20014
Bella’s Flight Bay f Sophia Mae * Cope With Peace Scott Russo 20643
Belle Buoy Chest. f Bulita * Knockadoon Helen N Stearns 20060
Bellegorian Dk Bay f Straight From Maui * Bankbook Maui Meadow Farm 20832
Bellreive Drive Dk Bay c Rocky Drive * Quarry Clinton R Wolfe 20924
Berry Patch Bay c Blueberry Patch American Chance R H Breeding LLC 20196
Best Luck Bay c Makin Randall L Hinkle 20468
Best Okay Bay c Powerofpersuasion * Power Of Mind New Horizon Farm LLC 20317
Betsy Switzer Bay c Valiant Dave Valiant Nature Casino Royale Farm Inc 20625
Better Flying Chest. f Nine South * Southern Rhythm Timory H Ridall 20469
Better To Be Lucky Chest. c Crafty Friend Ashwell Stables Inc 20220
Bettin’ Betty Bay c Jiminy Ticket * Deposit Ticket Matthew Linda 20180
Betty Again DkB/Br c Doe Doe Bird * Flying Pidgeon Maui Meadow Farm 20779
Beyrouth Bay c Fantorini Theatrical George Strawbridge Jr dba 19932
Big Game Hunter Bay f Jane’s Daisy * Proof Our Farm Inc 20714
Black Dahlia Dk Bay c Dahlia’s Prospect Allen’s Prospect James Nolan 20214
Black Enamel Dk Bay c Warrior Cat Classic Cat Kimberlite Race Farm LLC 20245
Black Fire Brown f Double Concorde Edgar W Stover 20481
Blomquist Beauty Bay c Beauty Cat Sir Cat Leigh A Herzberger 20448
Blue Chip Prospect Bay c Luvstorumble Thunder Rumble Kenneth F Lloyd 20664
Blue Moon Ninety Dk Bay f Ninety Deniro * De Niro Shirley A Lojeski 20112
Blue Vision Bay f * Aquarian Prince Deer Lake Farms Inc 20182
Bluemont Affair Dk Bay f Blue’s Love Affair Crypto Star James L Driver 20243
Blumax Brown c Distinctive Ollie Distinctive Pro Suzanne H Jenkins 20212
Book Of Fortune Bay c Chev D’Or Golden Gear Harvey A Clarke 19920
Booklore Bay f Romantic Book Not For Love Karen S Farrar 20136
Bridge Party Chest. c Mathewlovestoparty Not For Love John Kidwell 20426
Brittany Baby Chest. f * Crafty Mana Janet W Chisholm 20140
Brown Sugar Babe Chest. f * Two Davids Dominic L Cringoli 20608
Buck’s Fling Bay f Valley Fling Valley Crossing Daniel A Hall 20235
Buffels Chest. f Only In Philly Polish Numbers Charlton BloodstockAgency Inc 20318
Bunny Jo Bay c Kisses For Katie * Patton Francis J Puleo 20142
Bushy’s Hope Dk Bay c Bushy’s Jule * Ocean Splash Stephen Owsik 20188
C. F. Tencent Tour Bay f C. F. Power Lane Edwin Stopherd 20281
C. J.’s Love Chest. c Ray’s Right Again * Obstructed Our Farm Inc 20712
Cadence Caller Dk Bay c Praying Mantis * Alyten Joseph H Nunan III 20868
Cadence Scarlet Chest. c * Power By Far Ernest L Biddle 20869
Calipha Chest. f Long Lane Concern Russell B Jones Jr 20265
Callmecutie Dk Bay f Callmefoxy * Roanoke Barbara Pegula Verrastro 20483
Camawaki Bay f Allen’s Prospect Margo Stratis 19881
Campbell Slewp Bay c Potshot Charismatic Fiasco Farms Ltd 20362
Campibrogan Bay c Adventura Valley Crossing Bettina L Jenney 19908
Canadian Halo Chest. c Luhuk Denise K McHenry 20021
Candied Apple Chest. f Apple Deelish * Erland Patricia A Fullmer 20383
Candy Wood Dk Bay f Lightning Ride Editor’s Note Secluded Stables Inc 19951
Candybarncavier Dk Bay f Hannah Roseanna * Activist Harry W Varn Jr 20775
Canela Dulce Dk Bay f Classy In Black * Mr. Explosive Judith M Barrett 19984
Canteen Queen Chest. f * Quarry Xanthus Farms Inc 20507
Caribbean Sunset Chest. f Caribena * Lord At Law Charles A Cuprill 19889
Carl L’Fonge Bay c Lookingforlupholes * Bankbook Clarke Whitaker 20342
Carnavalesea Dk Bay c Colorado River * Lord Carlos Charles A Cuprill 19886
Carney’s Tomboy Bay f * Activist Bill J Henry 20416
Caro Mountain Dk Bay f Miss Deniro * De Niro Dennis H Shappell 20254
Carrie The Flag Roan f Two Punch Tea Party Stable Inc 20258
Casamora Dk Bay c * Knockadoon Sandie Germain 20482
Casanna Bay c Chessboard Marquetry Patricia L Moseley 20557
Castlesinthesand Bay f Manukai Unbridled Jet Carol Lynn LeVine 20497
Cat Fight Bay f Mimi Siku * Sir Eric Our Farm Inc 20715
Categorically Deny Bay c Stone Denial Grindstone Andrew McKenzie 20464
Catherine Joan Chest. c Powerful C J * Power By Far Armand W Correnti 20795
Catinca Bay c Seeking The Gold Brushwood Stable 20078
Caught The Spirit Roan f Sea Flight * Entropy Theresa E Ransone 20479
Cause I’m Worth It Dk Bay f Diamond George Strawbridge Jr dba 19922
Chalsant Gr/Rn c Precious Ten * Roanoke Sidney D Zaentz 20349
Charlie’s Girl Dk Bay f * Pok Ta Pok Frederick A Ziegler 20569
Chasing John Dk Bay f Persian Pursuit Rubiyat Ashwell Stables Inc 20227
Chasmanhattan Chest. f Manhattan Appeal Appealing Skier Roberta Seeger 20932
Cheese Eater Chest. f * Pok Ta Pok Frederick A Ziegler 20571
Chicken Salad Chest. f Nita Chiquita My Boy Adam E Clinton Lowry 20576
Chill Out Baby Brown f It’s Show Time Regal Classic Jose I Samaniego 19971
Chris’ Sister Dk Bay c Chris Cross Roa * Roanoke J J Racing Stable 20823
Christmas Strike Chest. c No Passing Zone Pleasant Tap Charlton BloodstockAgency Inc 20320
Circle Command Bay f Sit Up And Beg Favorite Trick John L Frost 20329
Circumnavigate Bay c Hitmaker Ordway Patricia S Schuster dba 20431
Circus Chant Brown c Some Young Moon Malibu Moon Priscilla Alford 20327
Citin In The Shade Bay f Patton’s Shadow * Patton Suzanne H Jenkins 20273
City Charmer Bay f Reeling Yarrow Brae Stephen E Morrone DVM 20138
City Lady Chest. c Allen’s Legacy Allen’s Prospect Casino Royale Farm Inc 20626
Classic Twist Dk Bay c Classic Lord * Lord Carlos Charles A Cuprill 19887
Classy Looking Bay c Classic Pinstripe * Pin Stripe William J Solomon VMD 20442
Claws’n Daggers Bay c * Afleetknowsasecret Our Farm Inc 20703
Cle Elum Grey f Mystic Mist * Knockadoon Susan B Thayer 20279
Clever ‘N Crafty Bay f Sister Keelson Unbridled Jet F Eugene Dixon T A dtd 06 30 06 20363
Clever Pick Dk Bay f Fourthandtwentysix Not For Love SMD Ltd LLC 20181
Clevermore Bay c Smart Alec Socorro Inc 20461
Cloud Hidden Chest. c Tyrant’s Trial Melissa Brangan 20117
Collegate Farce Bay c Bareheaded * Harry The Hat Welcome Here Farm LLC 20149
College Connie B/Brn c * No Bondage Edwin Stopherd 20284
Compassion Bay c Shortie’s Spark * Deposit Ticket Pewter Stable 20361
Comtesse Bay f Fit For A Lady Fit To Fight Andrew McKenzie 20463
Concerning Me Chest. f Ima Redneck Woman * Digamist Xanthus Farms Inc 20504
Connie Bar Bay c Ransom C. B. Hold For Gold Everest Stables Inc 20538
Cool Chase Bay c Peaks And Valleys Welcome Here Farm LLC 20153
Cool Number Chest. c Allen’s Prospect Maple Leaf Farm 20199
Copper Horizon Dk Bay c Trespassing Belong To Me Eugene E Weymouth 20636
Cormorant’s Fable Bay c Jaberwalkie Imperial Falcon Clarke Whitaker 20343
Count Your Gold Dk Bay c The D. A. * Attorney Wertz Farms 20053
Crafty Believer Chest. c * Star Of Ransom Joshua A Christ 20213
Creaking Board Chest. c A. P. Indy George Strawbridge Jr dba 19925
Criminology Chest. c Criminal Intent Crowd Pleaser Spring Run Farm LLC 20234
Crumbs For Tiffany Bay f Crumb Bullena * This Bulls For You David B Anderson 20244
Cuddle Closer Bay c Son Of A Closer * Roanoke Merrill T Howe Jr 20465
Dame’s Special Chest. c Brycie Lightyear * O. K. By You Bonnie Factor 20095
Damiack Dk Bay f * Le Merle Blanc Dennis H Shappell 20256
Dance Number Bay f Rhythmically Meadow Monster Spring Run Farm LLC 20232
Dancin In Dixie Bay c * Attorney Susan C Walmer 20573
Dancing Balloon Bay c Ticket To The Moon * Deposit Ticket Joyce P Jones 20274
Dancing Divinity Chest. f Catch The Kitty Adcat Kimberlite Race Farm LLC 20246
Dancing Mystry Bay c * Digamist Cindy Detweiler 19915
Dancing Webb Bay c * Fini Cassette Richard N Miller 20515
Dani’s Dad Gr/Rn c * Foligno Janis L Gerace 20885
Dare To Dream Chest. c * Beyond The Mint Paul E Labe Sr 20003
Darling Devil Bay c Divine Rhythm * Southern Rhythm Jane White 20397
Dash Of Silver Chest. c Dashing Harry * Harry The Hat Witchway Stables 20500
Dead Of Night Bay f Shifty Cat Forest Wildcat George Strawbridge Jr dba 19931
Dear Jane Bay f * Afleetknowsasecret Our Farm Inc 20704
Dearest Daisy Bay f Daisy’s Destiny * De Niro D C Cappetta Associates Inc 20016
December Snow Gray f * Harry The Hat Barbara J Geraghty 20126
Deep And Cold Bay c Harry’s Best * Harry The Hat Estate of Jane G Baker Deceased 20380
Delivered Chest. f Criminal Case In Case Deborah E Corter 20904
Dena’s Darling Roan f Denahar Buckhar Xanthus Farms Inc 20502
Deo’s Magnum Blaze Bay f * It’s Always You Our Farm Inc 20707
Devil Belle Gr/Rn c Devil Deniro * De Niro Howard C Schaeffer Jr 20088
Devil’s Peace Bay f Tri Like The Devil * Tri For The Gold Roberta Seeger 20928
Devilish Play Bay f Diamond Howard C Schaeffer Jr 20090
Devon’s Angel Chest. f Dust Bunny * Deposit Ticket William J Solomon VMD 20444
Dial A Babe Bay c American Chance Victoria Racing Stables Inc 20691
Dina’s Song Dk Bay f Danees Anee’s Patricia M Palmer Estate 20047
Dismay Dk Bay f Dance To Dixie Dixieland Heat Ronald S Glorioso 20210
Dittany Bay c Little Big Moon Malibu Moon Deborah M Costello Smylie 19912
Divinenine Warbird Bay c Hammerin Cameron * De Niro Gary D Reihart 20248
Divorced Dk Bay c Split Up * Knockadoon Caroline Stearns 20028
Dixie Fixins Chest. c Junaguska Frisk Me Now Arthur Thom Brede Estate 20271
Dixie’s Playgirl Chest. f Saucy South * Saucy Token Patricia A Fullmer 20389
Double Cookie Chest. f Jedare Bates Motel Caroline Stearns 20027
Double Irish Brown f Lion Hearted Estate of Richard E McDevitt 20650
Double Lo Dk Brn c Miner’s Lo * Western Miner Bernard A Faggioli 20304
Doucette Bay c Smart Strike Iris H Coggins 19973
Dream On Derby Bay c Yes You Can * Deposit Ticket William J Solomon VMD 20433
Droll’s Rocketeer Bay c Apollo’sroyalflush * Captain Capote Carl E Adams 20532
Duke’s Design c * De Niro Roberta L Schneider MD 20476
Dusty Baby Chest. c * Rip Cat Marsha L Reed 20330
Dusty’s Valor Chest. f * Patton Erika G Neuberg 20086
Earth To Jackie Bay f Broad Brush George Strawbridge Jr dba 19926
Edisto Missy Dk Bay f Ciara C Two Smart Ralph Comi 20261
Egg Roll Chest. c Duck Sauce Allen’s Prospect Charlton BloodstockAgency Inc 20145
El Tesoro Chest. c * Obstructed Valley Forge Racing Stables Inc 20722
Electric Tulip Gray f Revengeful Rocky Smoke Glacken Mill Creek Farm Enterprises Inc 19957
Eluding Bird Bay c Simply Stylin Danzatame Daniel A Dufford 20334
Empress Sirrima Gr/Rn c Tiger Supreme Supremo Moving Cloud Farm LLC 19879
Enchanted Spirit Bay f Island Myth Petionville Everest Stables Inc 20535
Entrusted Chest. f Trusten Mt. Livermore Eugene E Weymouth 20637
Erika’s Angel Gray c Weshaam Tammi S Faber 20562
Erin’s Fortune Roan f Luckyhearted Lion Hearted Stonehedge Farm of Pennsylvania Inc Equivine Farm 20623
Eskimo Era Chest. c * Power By Far Castle Rock Farm 20288
Eva Olivia Dk Brn c Zabava Diamond Nikolai W Taras 20373
Evasive Genie Bay c * Fini Cassette Richard N Miller 20518
Evening Colors DkB/Br c Smooth Colors * Knockadoon Helen N Stearns 20062
Excellent Meeting Bay c Storm Cat Brushwood Stable 20079
Explicit Export Dk Bay c Southern Lawyer * Attorney Stephanie N Tate 20487
Explosive Lena Chest. f Village Dreamer * Western Echo Xanthus Farms Inc 20512
Fairy Song (Ire) Bay f O My O My Gold Fever Michael J Moran 20102
Falconess Dk Bay f * Quarry Lori A Lehman 20336
Fantastic Dear Bay f C J’s Little Girl * Attorney Judith M Barrett 20166
Far Away Lassie Bay c Hope’s Hawk * Quarry Hope Hill Farm 20424
Farrah Foxet Bay f Endless Power * Power Of Mind Barbara J Geraghty 20125
Farther North f * Patton SUN Corp 20340
Fast Texas Gal Bay c * Le Merle Blanc Richard N Miller 20519
Favorite Wish Chest. c Zip’s Wish * Pok Ta Pok Roland S Leh 20633
Femma’s Crown Bay c Partner’s Hero Howard C Schaeffer Jr 20093
Feyzie Chest. f * Western Echo Joan Amick Wilson 20475
Fields Of Daisies Dk Gr c * Power By Far Juan Carlos Guerrero 20627
Fiesty Ballerina Bay c * Southern Rhythm Timory H Ridall 20474
Figgy Chest. c Gilbert’s Star * Michael’s Star Our Farm Inc 20708
Flag Furled Bay f Indy U S A Malibu Moon Diamond S Stables LLC 19911
Flight From War Chest. f Polish Numbers Maple Leaf Farm 20200
Flo Joe Chest. c Argo’s Quest G. P.’s Krugerrand Symmetry Ranch LLC 20790
Flowing Gray c Two Punch Brushwood Stable 20081
Foggy Note Medley Roan c Rubiano Mark E Stevenson DECEASED 20494
Foligno’s Dancer Gr/Rn f Folignos Star Crypto Star John Carroll Hutchins III 21010
Fonteyn Bay c Admiral De Grasse Boston Harbor Iris H Coggins 19974
Foolish Secret Brown c Smokeunderthehood * Flying Pidgeon Anthony J Merlino 20810
Force Five Gal Bay f Arch Lindsay C F Scott 20370
Foxy Value Dk Bay c Das Joe Rinka Das Joseph H Wright 20018
Free Verse Bay f Royal T. N. T. * It’s Always You Fred DiMeo 20445
Frenchbet Dk Bay c Z Houdini * Zeno Fon Linda Lee Manchio 20827
Frenchie La Femme Chest. f Diamond Win More Stables Inc 20377
Frescidia Chest. c * Lord At Law Charles A Cuprill 19890
Fresh Spray Dk Bay f Yarrow Brae Pasquale Scorese 21052
Fridolita Dk Bay f Lita’s Request * Valid Request Patricia A Fullmer 20386
Friendly Queen DkB/Bn f Lizzy Alliance * T. V. Alliance Maui Meadow Farm 20783
Frog Princess Bay f Princess Lana Lion Hearted Daniel J Ljoka 20286
From Faithtofaith Dk Bay c Good Soldier Crypto Star Restless Oaks Farm LLC 19993
Galena Pass Bay c * Pin Stripe William J Solomon VMD 20432
Galezey Bay f Susquehanna Hannah * De Niro Gary D Reihart 20249
Galleria Bay f Captain Greenie Captain Bodgit Connie L Nesteruk 19842
Gay Carpetbag Dk Bay c River Transport * Roanoke Jeffrey M Meyer 20403
Get Excited Dk Bay c * Roanoke Neil Parker 20584
Get Real Chest. c Malibu Moon P H Partnership Blackhurst Phyllis P 20239
Ghazi’s Julep Chest. f Sipping * Quarry Hope Hill Farm 20422
Gilt Chest f Commendable Henry R C Elser 20374
Gimme A Break Bay c Awad Welcome Here Farm LLC 20147
Gin Ruler Bay c Ballybrite O’Rorke Bright White Carole Constable 20861
Ginger R Chest. c Captain Blitz * Patton Robert A Szeyller 20540
Gloriole Bay c Royal Anthem Peter T Welling 19967
Glowing Bay c D’Amber Dream Doneraile Court Hidden Lane Farms Inc 21813
Go Go Ally Bay f Secret Go Go Secret Hello Arthur F Stauffer Sr 20401
God’s Grace Bay f Grace Lightning * Pok Ta Pok Diane Westenhoefer 20485
Gold To Capture Chest. f Favorite Gold My Favorite Grub Roberta Seeger 20931
Golden Lucy Dk Brn c Lucy’s Miner * Western Miner Bernard A Faggioli 20305
Golden Pieta Chest. c Golden Casting Out Of Place Frances H Leidy 20107
Goldie Pops Chest. f Redaspen Bianconi Stonehedge Farm of Pennsylvania Inc Equivine Farm 20622
Goldwinged Bn/Bay f A. A. Flutterbye * Flying Pidgeon Dona M MacDonald 20863
Graceful Lil DkB/Br f Nellie B Quick General Royal Donald Reeder 20067
Gracious Kelly Bay f * Bombardier Leonard Liberto 20241
Gracious Touch Roan c Jacob Waquoit Tim F Ritchey Racing StablesInc 20302
Grand Dame Bay f Toast To The Lady Whiskey Wisdom Klobia S Carroll 20462
Grandfight Bay c * Quarry Summer Stables 20563
Great Beginnings Bay f Willie Great Will’s Way Graeme H Beaton 20082
Great Birdie Gray f Silver Ghost Calverley Farm Inc 20457
Great Progress Bay c Halo Toss Hay Halo Flint W Stites 20892
Gushing Chest. c * Lord At Law Charles A Cuprill 19891
Habar’s Mystery Chest. f Malibu Moon William Diefenderfer 19869
Hail Sarah Bay f Iron Princess * Deposit Ticket Holly Run Farm Inc 20104
Hall’s Lake Fire Chest. c Honor Grades Lindsay C F Scott 20369
Hand Me A Star Bay f Captain Nepal Captain Bodgit Lawrence A Ciletti Estate 20191
Hang Glider Bay c Dynaformer John L Frost 20328
Hannah Blue Eyes Bay c Polish Blue Eyes * Obstructed Valley Forge Racing Stables Inc 20723
Happy Rose Bay f * Buck’sinthebank J R Rastetter Racing Stable Inc 20587
Harry’s Harriet Chest. f * Deposit Ticket Matthew Linda 20179
Harsh Reality Chest. c Ticket To Reality * Deposit Ticket Joseph G Giorgio 20845
Harvard Gal Chest. c * Pok Ta Pok Frederick A Ziegler 20570
Have A Heart Bay c * Deposit Ticket Stacy McMullin Machiz 19972
Heavenly Cat Bay f Red Ransom Brushwood Stable 20076
Hello Mabel Bay c * Pin Stripe Elaine Kristman 20315
Her Honor Says Bay c Stubby Fred Astaire Flint W Stites 20891
Hey Wood Looking Brown c Scarecrow * De Niro Sylmar Farm Inc 20600
Hill Top Farma Dk Bay c Top Fini * Fini Cassette Dennis H Shappell 20253
His Ex f Prospect Bay Equine Biomechanics & Exercise Physiology Inc 20413
Hold To Fashion Chest. f Forest Wildcat Blair E Minnich 20372
Honey Do Dust Bay c Rage Melissa Brangan 20119
Honeylane c Patton Lane * Patton Kenneth Kennedy 20406
Hopeful Q. T. Dk Bay f Swatara Hope * Activist Judith M Barrett 20347
Hot Little Dish Bay f Dish’s Dixie Dixieland Heat Ronald S Glorioso 20211
Howell’s Secret Bay f Valley Crossing Melissa Brangan 20113
Hudersfield Chest. f Thunderstorm Molly * Pok Ta Pok Jeffrey Haller 20492
Hush First Bobbie Dk Bay c Be Bop Bobbie Danzatame Ralph V DeSanctis 20554
I Disagree Chest. f Power’s First Lady * Power By Far Witchway Stables 20428
I’m A Secret Bay f Rolexqueen * Power By Far Christine M Brown 20804
I’m For Peace Dk Bay c Makin Peace Makin Lawrence Stables Inc 20031
I’m In Focus Dk Bay c Focus On A Star Crypto Star Thomas J Kelly 19961
Ice Cream Dream Bay c Major Sugar Rush Lord Carson Two Sisters’ Farm Inc 20581
Icee Comedy Dk Bay c * Rip Cat Marsha L Reed 20332
Igotnothingtolose Bay c Carnivalay Patricia R Brunstetter 20521
Iknowasecret Chest. f * Sir Eric Our Farm Inc 20725
Illusive Note Roan c Pennsylvania Slim Runaway Groom Dr S Mark Rayburg Inc 20231
Imakieba Bay c Stan By Me * Alyten Herman L Iglesias 20430
Imperatorial Chest. f Imp’s Baby Girl * Mr. Explosive Judith M Barrett 20346
Imperial Appeal Chest. f Second Hand Ruby * Ocean Splash Joseph D Richards 20617
In The Money Honey Bay c T. Orlando * Alyten Alpala Farms Inc 20578
Incoming Chest. f * Roanoke Barbara Pegula Verrastro 20484
Indian Fashion Chest c Cat Thief Russell B Jones Jr 20266
Informatique Chest. f Sandtique Sandpit Leigh A Herzberger 20451
Insidious Dk Bay c Devious Feline Lion Hearted Jeffrey M Meyer 20404
Inspiring Ali Chest. f * Foligno Janis L Gerace 20882
Irish Confetti Chest. f Carmellasrulebook * Bankbook Maui Meadow Farm 20833
Irish Corker Dk Bay f Crypto Star Heidi E Trimbur 20043
Iron Polly Bay c Oly Ospray * Flying Pidgeon Maui Meadow Farm 20778
Isis Only Chest. c Ron’sonly Attorney * Attorney Pasquale Scorese 21053
Ismelda Dk Bay c Chester House Russell B Jones Jr 20267
It Was Inevitable Dk Bay f I’m The Answer Allen’s Prospect Carol Lynn LeVine 20498
Italian Convention Dk Bay f * Bombardier Janis L Gerace 20888
Jasmine Tiger Chest. f Bob’s Wildcat * Quarry Anthony Ventriglia 19848
Java Rey Brown c Mister Folgers * Tricky Mister Charles A King Jr 20545
Jazz Ballet Roan c Diesel Dog Buckhar Xanthus Farms Inc 20503
Jazz Session Chest. f Cousin Sara Awad John A Garofalo 20350
Jelly Roll Jam Bay c Star Dynasty Spectaculardynasty Graeme H Beaton 20083
Joan’s Knockout Bay f Knockoff Firefly * Roanoke Sandra M Kite 20056
Joandrea Chest. c Gable Able * Sir Eric Our Farm Inc 20717
Jockey’s Joy Dk Bay c T. J.’s Joy Brian B. Blair E Minnich 20371
Joy Valentine Bay f Devil His Due Bettina L Jenney 19904
Jungle Dahlia Bay f J. D. Safari * Power By Far Castle Rock Farm 20292
Jungle Punch Dk Bay c Makin Xanthus Farms Inc 20867
Juniper Tree Bay c Enola’s Little Boy * Bombardier Castle Rock Farm 20289
Juno Dk Bay c Linglestown Grindstone Richard H Bosshard Jr 20375
Justicia Chest. c Justiciero * Count On Steve Charles A Cuprill 19883
Kantankerous Baby Bay c Johnny Jack * U. S. Flag Bernard A Faggioli 20307
Karenina Brown f Emmava * Nepal Spinnaker Hill Upland Spg Farm 20100
Karma Rags Dk Bay f Wise Girl Karma * De Niro Lawrence A Ciletti Estate 20192
Kayleigh’s Angel Dk Bay f Left Flank * Patton Coal Valley Farm Ltd 20170
Kick Those Daisies Bay c * Deposit Ticket William J Solomon VMD 20434
Kinnesbrook Bay f Kling To Power * Power By Far Marcia G Solda 20496
Klompen Chest. f Against My Will Luhuk Peter T Welling 19968
Krislynns Dream Bay c * Buck’sinthebank J R Rastetter Racing Stable Inc 20588
Kutatanisha Dk Bay f Shelter Half Welcome Here Farm LLC 20155
Kwaj Bay f * Captain Capote Carl E Adams 20533
Kylie Rose Dk Bay f Work For Roses Hold For Gold Everest Stables Inc 20537
L’Abidjanaise Chest. f Woodman Maple Leaf Farm 20201
La Affirmed Bay f Danzig Brushwood Stable 20072
La Lomita Dk Bay f Minimum Security * Judge T C Everest Stables Inc 20539
La Malleret Dk Bay f Young Devon Chester House P F N Fanning 20523
Lady Airica Chest. c V J’s Escapade * Erland Patricia A Fullmer 20392
Lady Anahid Bay c Anihid’s Flag * U. S. Flag Bernard A Faggioli 20308
Lady Coeuravelle Dk Bay f Milinberg Joy * Power Of Mind Susan G Rawls Inc 19858
Lady Czarsanna Dk Bay f Lady’s Flight * Flying Pidgeon Pauline G Kostrubiak 20216
Lady Drip Chest. c Nodouble Bond * No Bondage Constance K Beidel 20805
Lady Harriman Chest. c Charlie By Far * Power By Far Castle Rock Farm 20290
Lady Lochinvar Chest. c A. P. Indy Brushwood Stable 20071
Lady Politics Chest. f Lady Zoe * Quarry Hope Hill Farm 20423
Lady Ricio Dk Bay f Ivori Patton * Patton John A Stultz 20800
Lady Wilhemina Bay c Foxhall Keene Crowd Pleaser Iris H Coggins 19975
Lake Bessie Dk Bay f Itstimeforchange Allen’s Prospect Barbara S Brown 20033
Lanaja Bay c Bergen Beast Barkerville Kimberlite Race Farm LLC 20247
Lancer Apache Chest. f * U. S. Flag Bernard A Faggioli 20309
Landing Card Dk Bay f Lil’s Landing Lil’s Lad P F N Fanning 20529
Last Approach Bay f Red Ransom George Strawbridge Jr dba 19927
Last Call Ladies Bay f Bobbies Lady * De Niro River Ridge Farm LLC 19947
Lateuq Dk Bay f Rhythm Princess * Southern Rhythm Timory H Ridall 20471
Latin Prospect Bay c Bridled Prospect Unbridled Jet John A Stultz 20801
Layounne Bay c Dark Cheetah Storm Cat Brushwood Stable 20080
Le Cheval Devant Dk Bay c Taggert Unbridled Jet Sandra Kim Eshleman 20160
Lefabuleux’s Gold Bay f * Flying Pidgeon Socorro Inc 20460
Let Me Do Sum Good Bay c Token Gesture * Saucy Token Patricia A Fullmer 20391
Lica Ten K Dk Bay f * JD’s Determination Francine Ingerman 19935
Lida’s Fling Dk Bay c Put Out The Fuse Lite The Fuse Roberta Seeger 20929
Lifeofan Empress Bay c Prime Time Ticket * Deposit Ticket William J Solomon VMD 20435
Lights Of Marfa c Appropriate Sultry Song Thomas N Reigle 20321
Lil Orphan Aly Bay f Ms Louisa Quatorse Louis Quatorze David G Szymanski 19933
Limited Series Bay f Real Feisty * De Niro Chickridge LLC 20822
Lina’s Star Gr/Rn f Wave Goodbye Wild Wonder James T Baker 21596
Lisa’s Lil Devon Chest. c Socks On A Rooster * Afleetknowsasecret Our Farm Inc 20705
Litter Bay f Diamond Howard C Schaeffer Jr 20091
Little B B Bay f Marianthy * Pin Stripe Chris Bouroudis 20185
Little Daisy Brown Dk Bay c Brown Case In Case Frances Hartwell 20051
Livealittlemore Bay f Where’s Hanna Not For Love JoAnn D Alexander 20323
Livermore’s Lass Dk Brn c Shine The Light Allen’s Prospect Karen S Farrar 20124
Loblolly Pine f Lolly’s Monster Meadow Monster Sylmar Farm Inc 20599
Local Prospector Chest. f * Western Echo Tea Party Stable Inc 20259
Lofty Endeavor Gr/Rn f Wasabi Ops Ops Smile Ashwell Stables Inc 20225
Lollipop Lies Dk Bay c Blue Corner Two Punch Lindsay C F Scott 20368
Longbranch Lil Dk Bay f Madam Adam My Boy Adam E Clinton Lowry 20575
Lookin For Romance Bay f Lion Hearted Tea Party Stable Inc 20889
Loufdama Dk Bay f Drum Bolt Polish Pro Anthony Foglia 20560
Love Alone Dk Bay f Lonely Diamond Diamond Oak Ridge Farms 20555
Love Burn Dk Bay c Makin P H Partnership Blackhurst Phyllis P 20238
Love Good N Plenty Bay f Say A Few Sylables * Peteski Dave Lengel Racing Inc 19987
Lovely Later Roan c Two Punch Two Sisters’ Farm Inc 20618
Lover’s Tiff Bay f * Pin Stripe Elaine Kristman 20316
Loves Me Bay f Doctors Love Two Meadow Monster Robert C Boyce 20418
Lovesgotaholdonyou Chest. c Big George G My Favorite Grub Briter Farm 20036
Lubavalay Dk Bay f Savings Account * Bankbook Joy McCarty 19952
Lucky Again Dk Bay c Mr. Congeniality Chester House P F N Fanning 20524
Lucky Wobble Bay c Makin Randall L Hinkle 20467
Lust For Life Bay f Storm Broker Robert A Szeyller 20541
Lyphard’s Content Chest. c Harperlyph Harperstown Bryant H Prentice III 20324
M. E.’s Dream Dk Brn f * Activist Bill J Henry 20417
Machalda Chest. f * O. K. By You Robert A Peoples 20408
Magic Angel Dk Bay c Chel’s Angel * Wild Kiss Patricia A Fullmer 20384
Magic Doll Dk Bay c Joey The Pidge * Flying Pidgeon Giles C Cook 20829
Magical Maid Dk Brn f Aclever Maid Bomb * Bombardier Horseshoe Valley Equine Center LLC 20583
Magster Dk Bay c Mr. Good Stuff Good And Tough Leigh A Herzberger 20452
Mahmoud Dancer Chest. f * Entropy Peter John Alafoginis 20173
Majestic Princess f * Roanoke William Niarakis Jr 20572
Make Time For Mama DkB/Br c Mama’s Boy General Royal Donald Reeder 20068
Mamie Red Chest. f Miss Red Fox * Turkey Trot Charles A King Jr 20546
Mane Street Bank Dk Bay f Mane Power * Power By Far Joseph G Giorgio 20844
Maneuvers Dk Bay f Jebsy Lord Carson P F N Fanning 20530
Manijeh Gray f Vacation Ticket * Deposit Ticket William J Solomon VMD 20436
March Lin Bay c Airport Exit * De Niro Thomas H Lingenfelter 20335
Maria V. Chest. c Sal Activist * Activist Sal Vacirca 20172
Marilyn Chest. f Blondes Malibu Moon Edward J Simon Jr 20037
Marisa Mia Dk Bay f Capote Dr S Mark Rayburg Inc 20230
Markitontheice Dk Bay f Defensive Play Jerry L Norwood 20447
Marvy Bay c The Right Ticket * Deposit Ticket Paul E Labe Sr 20004
Marya’s Girl Bay c Baby Goose Lion Hearted Marya Heimer Montoya 20574
Maui Manor Bay f * Aquarian Prince Deer Lake Farms Inc 20184
Maui Maui Dk Bay c Big Bad Joe * Patton Shirley A Lojeski 20111
McFadyanfrye Bay f Yarrow Brae Welcome Here Farm LLC 20157
Meadow Romp Bay f Romper Room * Deposit Ticket William J Solomon VMD 20437
Mean Nanny Jean Chest. f Citi Prancer Citidancer Casino Royale Farm Inc 20624
Mehtmeatthelodge Chest. c Williamstown Adam Staple 20615
Melee Melee Chest. f Miah Maull Romanov Alexander Gordon Watson 20276
Memories Of Madrid Bay c Luhuk S Bruce Smart Jr 20478
Mia Smiling Bay c Ready Smile More Than Ready Frances H Leidy 20109
Microwave Queen Bay f Queen’s Request * Valid Request Patricia A Fullmer 20387
Midnight Fleet Dk Bay f Midnight Classic Sky Classic Welcome Here Farm LLC 20156
Mingling Glances Dk Bay c Red Ransom Maple Leaf Farm 20202
Mini Cassette Bay c Super Eight Track Crypto Star Jennifer R Feiner 21554
Mints First Star Bay c C’Mon Hammer Lil’s Lad Golden Oak Farm LLC 20032
Mintspender Dk Bay c Not For A Mint Not For Love P F N Fanning 20526
Mintullah Bay c Elusive Quality P F N Fanning 20178
Miracle Molly Bay c Patton’s Heart * Patton Mark A Happel 20297
Miraculous Bay f * Aquarian Prince Deer Lake Farms Inc 20183
Miss Americana Bay c Tenaj * Harry The Hat Castle Rock Farm 20291
Miss Austina Chest. c Sawatch Range Diamond Denise K McHenry 20019
Miss Ava Rae Bay f * Obstructed Valley Forge Racing Stables Inc 20724
Miss Boot Scoot Bay c D L Scooter Valid Indy Donald L Schmidt 20378
Miss Cowtown c * Patton Thomas N Reigle 20322
Miss Dish Bay c Heat Resistant * Deposit Ticket William J Solomon VMD 20438
Miss Julie G. Bay f Momma Jewel * Bombardier Castle Rock Farm 20293
Miss Princeton Dk Bay f Princess Of Hope * Quarry Hope Hill Farm 20420
Miss Takenly Chest. c Fox Away * Mr. Explosive Judith M Barrett 20168
Miss Vice Bay c Mr. Vice Unbridled Jet Robert A Szeyller 20543
Miss’n Hilltown Chest. c Derby Day Born * Just Like Jo D Michael Dowse 20277
Missle Lock Chest. c My Bulls Eye Carnivalay Bruce Wallace 20634
Missouri Blade Chest c * Knockadoon Bernard J Murray III 22759
Misty Mountain Hop Bay f * Northern Crook Robert S Stopko 20398
Mokhieba’s Choice Bay f Madame Envy * Knockadoon Alison E Farwell Jr 20025
Mom’s Stitch Chest. f Wild Wonder Patrick Wall 20850
Mona More Bay f Makin More Makin Alison E Farwell Jr 20024
Monster Mash Bay/Bn f Sparkle Gem * De Niro Mark A Happel 20296
Monumento Dk Bay c First Count * Count On Steve Charles A Cuprill 19884
Moon Lady Dk Brn f * Knockadoon Andrew G P Hobbs 20480
Moorish Princess Dk Bay c Caribbean Prince Carnivalay Charles A Cuprill 19882
Mordordor Chest. c Prenup Summer Stables 19860
Moriah Ifyouplease Chest. c Gold Case R H Breeding LLC 20194
Moscow Star Bay c * Beyond The Mint Dennis H Shappell 20255
Most Certainly Dk Bay f Beautiful Ginger Concern Dale J Novak 20628
Mountaineer Amy Chest. c Blue Freedom * Patton Wolfgang W Strobl MD 20382
Mouthing Off Chest. f * Reigning King Karen Kohl 20128
Movin Mitzi Bay c Fast Movin Fini * Fini Cassette Richard N Miller 20513
Ms Carnivalay Bay f * Afleetknowsasecret Our Farm Inc 20706
Ms Primadonna Bay c * Quarry Tea Party Stable Inc 20257
Mudgie’s Treasure Bay f Geminized * Patton Donald Lee Gogluizza 20455
Musical Fruit Dk Bay f Ms Musical Lady * Fini Cassette Richard N Miller 20514
My Dear Daughter Chest. f Cara And Emily * Sir Eric Our Farm Inc 20718
My Laurn Dk Brn f * Bombardier Herman L Iglesias 20312
My Lissie Dk Brn c * Power Of Mind Herman L Iglesias 20313
My Papoose Bay c Baby League Diamond William L Pape 20549
My Petite Nicole Chest. f Nicobrae Yarrow Brae Joseph G Giorgio 20846
My Power Girl Chest. c Power Rangre * Power By Far John Lewis 19953
My Pretty Echo Chest. f Defrere David R Brown 22164
My Testarossa Chest. c Royal Anthem Stonehedge Farm of Pennsylvania Inc Equivine Farm 20621
Mystic Island Bay c * Pok Ta Pok Robert Updegrave Jr 19874
Mz. Chrizzmazz Dk Bay f Artesania * Count On Steve Charles A Cuprill 19885
Natalie’s Reason Chest. f * Captain Capote Carl E Adams 20531
Nature Walk Bay c Crowd Pleaser Ashwell Stables Inc 20222
Naughty Nana Dk Bay f Never Ever Naughty Yankee Victor Karen S Farrar 20133
Newshoesforbaby Bay c Sand Kicker * Knockadoon Sylmar Farm Inc 20597
Night Delight Dk Brn c Rossiter * Knockadoon Sandra Kim Eshleman 20161
Nightingale’s Song Bay c Big Red Bear * Who’s For Dinner Peter John Alafoginis 20174
Ninanevermisses Bay c Rellius Bugatti Reef John J Wames 19868
No Extra Charge Dk Bay c Charge Em’ Extra Honor Grades Karen S Farrar 20134
No Fat Chicks Bay f Yes My Lady Wavering Monarch William D Fossett 20217
No No Perdomo Bay f Storm Boot Everest Stables Inc 20536
No Pay No Hay Bay f No Speed No Feed * Bankbook Maui Meadow Farm 20782
No White Dk Bay c * Sir Eric Our Farm Inc 20719
Noble Girl Bay f * Harry The Hat Welcome Here Farm LLC 20150
Noble’s Last Lil Bay f My Queen Michele * Knockadoon Helen N Stearns 20063
Norelands Bay c Avanti Avanti Royal Academy Bettina L Jenney 19905
North Sea Quest Dk Bay f North Sea Brass * Patton Jeffrey M Meyer 20402
Northern Gazzelle Chest. c Sonvida Red Carnivalay Manuel Gonzalez Gierbolini 20951
Northern Gem Dk Bay c Pius Aeneus Crowd Pleasure Abram Simoff 20456
Northern Zeal Chest. f Thiszealisforreal * Cappuccio Pheasant Valley Farm 20123
Northrop’s Angel Chest. f Last Angel * Roanoke John W McKean 20251
Occhi Verdi Chest. c Palistar Royal Academy Russell B Jones Jr 20268
Ohio Queen Bay c Hissouthernmajesty * Southern Rhythm Timory H Ridall 20470
Omlet Black f Milliesmotherhen Concern John Kidwell 20427
One Of The Least Chest. f Love Is Kind Not For Love Robert C Boyce 20419
One Up On You Bay c Kiss My Buddy * Patton James E Hess 20311
Open Door Dk Bay f Not For Love Howard C Schaeffer Jr 20092
Our Super Lady Bay c Lyka Streak Shelter Half Norman R Miller 20356
Our Super Lassie Dk Bay c Fox Trail Norman R Miller 20355
Our Turn To Hope Dk Bay f Sunshine Natalie * Roanoke SUN Corp 20339
Our Twilight Mist Dk Bay f Crowd Pleaser Norman R Miller 20357
Out Burst Grey f Noonday Idol Malibu Moon Welcome Here Farm LLC 20152
Out Of A Cannon Bay c Allen’s Prospect Welcome Here Farm LLC 20146
Out Right Lie Bay f * Buck’sinthebank J R Rastetter Racing Stable Inc 20589
Over By Castlewood Bay c Mitch Jack G Poole 19898
Ox Flight Bay f Cryptoflight Crypto Star Shirley K Lamb 20866
Palarca Chest. c Palaten * Alyten Carl Bernstein 19955
Papa Bear’s Gal Dk Bay c Custom Cruiser * Pin Stripe John Lemmens 20333
Parasol Day Bay c Crusader Sword Kathryn Goldenberg 20632
Parfait Noir Dk Bay f Smarty Nicole * Quarry Xanthus Farms Inc 20509
Partner’s Devon Dk Brn f Run For Sam * De Niro Erika G Neuberg 20085
Party Gift Bay f Deplore * Dark Mystery Giuffrida Siblings Ptnshp 20012
Pass The Fox Bay c * Harry The Hat Castle Rock Farm 20294
Pattering Chest. c Chitter Chatter Oh Say Ashwell Stables Inc 20224
Peerless Peeress Dk Bay f Socially Superior Storm Broker William L Pape 20553
Peppermint Lady Bay c Peppermint Deposit * Deposit Ticket Paul E Labe Jr 20486
Persnickity Chest. f Saucy Niner Gold Fever Peter T Welling 19970
Pickin Time Bay f Choclatechipcookie Crypto Star Shirley K Lamb 20865
Pickled Tink Chest. c Love Never Fails Not For Love Angela Patricia Laikin 19867
Pink Punch Rn/Gr c * Knockadoon Helen N Stearns 20058
Playful Valentine Dk Bay c Slap Shot Petionville Nancy S Sinkler 20106
Pleased To Pass Bay c * Corporate Report Marcia Lee Wolfe 20565
Plenty Irish Brown c Brushed On Judith M Barrett 19982
Points For Patty Ch f Time Standard Time Bandit William Cooke Powder 20607
Polish The Cup Chest. f Birdy Lou Allen’s Prospect Gryphon Investments LLC 20065
Polly’s Punch DkB/Bn f Squab * Flying Pidgeon Maui Meadow Farm 20780
Popular Tune Chest. f Rhapsody In Gold Gold Fever Maple Leaf Farm 20203
Poquito’s Dance Roan f Poquito’s Dream * Big Steel Richard N Miller 20520
Power Corridor Roan c Ace’s Speedy * Ace Eyes Vernard W Bacon 20159
Powerful Diva Dk Bay f Chasity’s Hurdler * Power By Far Richard E Reeder 20466
Precious Nickle Chest. c Final Nickle In Case Witchway Stables 20653
Preemptive Bid f * Roanoke McCormick Stables Inc 20967
Press ID Dk Bay f Cat I. D. Sir Cat Victoria Racing Stables Inc 20694
Pretty Slew c * No Bondage Edwin Stopherd 20282
Pretty True Dk Bay f Pretty Girl Sherry * Alyten Richard E Reeder 20459
Priceless Rosemary Bay f Roses Run Wild * Activist Marie S Brown 20901
Princess Katie Chest. f Shawn G. * Erland Patricia A Fullmer 20390
Princess Tori Bay f Lost Colony * Roanoke Hickory Plains LLC 20270
Private Suite Dk Bay f Chilean Affair Puerto Madero Leigh A Herzberger 20449
Prospect Creek Bay f * Bombardier Castle Rock Farm 20295
Prospect Her Bay f Mimi’s Hat * Harry The Hat Jane White 20396
Proud Cosmah Bay c Moonshine Man Malibu Moon Chickridge LLC 20807
Proud Grit Dk Bay c Grit The Bullet * Roanoke Sandra M Kite 20057
Proud Portia Chest. c Bassanio * Power By Far Joseph H Nunan III 20870
Proud Run Dk Bay c Proud Charm Silver Charm P F N Fanning 20177
Proudly Elegant Bay c Just Tap Wood * Knockadoon Caroline Stearns 20026
Psychic Spirit Chest. f Siphon Russell B Jones Jr 20263
Queen Explo Bay f Carrie The Colors Partner’s Hero Stephen E Morrone DVM 20137
Queen Of Briarwood Chest. c Sonofalord * Lord Carlos Cynthia Cohen Gallagher 20287
Quiet Pro Gray c Tyrant’s Trial Jennifer L Post 20116
Quite Amazing Chest. c Allen’s Prospect Lori D Swatsworth 20030
Rachel’s First Dk Bay f Rachel’s Holiday Polish Pro Anthony Foglia 20559
Raggaas Rose Bay f Pattons Rosebud * Patton Joan B O’Donnell 20087
Raggsconfidentgirl Chest. f * Mr. Explosive Bill J Henry 20415
Rainbow Style Dk Bay f Rainy Emblem Our Emblem Timory H Ridall 20472
Raise A Finger Chest. c Phoenix Jim Crowd Pleaser Mill Creek Farm Enterprises Inc 19958
Raisedonfashion Bay f * Mr. Explosive Judith M Barrett 19981
Raja’s Decision Bay c Rao Raja * Activist Judith M Barrett 20164
Rammer f * Roanoke Thomas N Reigle 20023
Randy’s Delight Bay c Lookin’ Proud Meadow Monster Victoria Marie Herlinger 20493
Rao Merahi Bay c * No Bondage Edwin Stopherd 20285
Rapture Dk Bay f Blondie’s Tune Partner’s Hero David O’Neill 20034
Rarelenda Bay f Chris’s Prospect * Pin Stripe Chris Bouroudis 20186
Real Crystal Bay f Ace’s Ashley * Ace Eyes Vernard W Bacon 20158
Real Dream Girl Bay c Stormy Prince Stormy Atlantic Estate of Robert W Camac 23365
Rebecca Boo Bay c Glitterman Two Sisters’ Farm Inc 20619
Rebel Runner Gr/Rn c Shannon’s Rebel * Quarry Xanthus Farms Inc 20508
Recording Chest. c Rahy George Strawbridge Jr dba 19930
Recycle Bay f Waquoit Ruth D Oshier 20052
Red Border Chest. f Woodman Bettina L Jenney 19910
Red Rock Special Chest. f * Power By Far Janis L Gerace 20887
Red’s Choice Bay f Red’s Gold * Saucy Token Patricia A Fullmer 20388
Redeemed By Grace Chest. c Vanderbilt Puerto Madero Heidi E Trimbur 20042
Refined Collen Dk Bay f Unlawful Spirit * Attorney Galen R Behney 20275
Reine De Soleil Bay c * Sir Eric Our Farm Inc 20720
Resounding Dk Bay f Polish Navy Jean A Seidel 20852
Revelry Bay f Crafty Crier Crafty Friend Horseshoe Valley Equine Center LLC 20582
Rewarding Date Bay c London Grove Shadow Show Welcome Here Farm LLC 20154
Rhyming Brown f Turtle Town Larrupin’ Sylmar Farm Inc 20598
Richard’s Lady J. Brown f Plain N Fancy Lion Hearted Frances Hartwell 20197
Right Alliance Bay c Fixin Fence * Michael’s Star Our Farm Inc 20709
Ring Out The Old Chest. f What’s The Reason * Nepal Sheilagh Aileen Barndollar 20567
Ripplerank Bay c Acrobatic Champ * Pok Ta Pok Ralph F Haller Jr 20489
Risque Rouge Bay c Buckhar Summer Stables 20038
Ritefromthestart Bay c Johann Sebastian Jean C Fay 20120
Robin Quiver’s Chest. f Chubby Bubby * Harry The Hat Bonnie Factor 20094
Robin The Rich Chest. f Biddy Bedelia Subordination Daniel H Foster III 20127
Robyn Song Bay f Grander Blue Mar Crypto Star Townsend Thoroughbreds Inc 20568
Robyns Tune Dk Bay c United Dixie Union P F N Fanning 20527
Rock Bottom Babee c * De Niro Sandee Dee Beattie 20048
Rocket Rita Bay c Wild Again Now * Wild Kiss Patricia A Fullmer 20393
Rollicking Flair Dk Bay c The Love King Not For Love Giles C Cook 20830
Romanissimo Dk Brn f Deputed Testamony Ashwell Stables Inc 20223
Roving Duchess Chest. f Duchway * Deposit Ticket Marlin Zipp 20405
Royal Gesture Bay f Webers Drive In Accelerator Michael Mascarelli 20098
Royal Invite Bay f * Call To Account Robert S Stopko 20399
Royal Rosabel Bay c Pleasant Rex * Roanoke William Cooke Powder 20672
Royal Sis Chest. f Western Royal * Western Miner Bernard A Faggioli 20306
Runs Numbers Roan c Snow Cap Mt. Livermore Londonderry Farm Inc 20620
S W Betster Bay c S W Ryan * Patton Richard A Reveley DECEASED 20411
S W Phoebie Chest. f S W Aly’svalentine Malibu Moon Richard A Reveley DECEASED 20410
S W Spider Gr/Rn c My Blue Magoo * Roanoke Roberta L Schneider MD 20477
Sad Refrain Bay c Dirge Lord Avie William L Pape 20551
Sail On Threshold Bay c Fathom Drive Dixie Brass Melissa Brangan 20114
Sajonia Dk Bay c Met In Seattle Metfield Roberta Seeger 20927
Salubria Bay f Magic Waltz Unbridled Jet Welcome Here Farm LLC 20144
Salute The Queen Dk Bay f Queen’s Folly * Ocean Splash Wind N Leaves Farm Inc 19878
Sandpiper Bay f Sand Slide Storm Boot Patricia L Moseley 20556
Sandy’s Peak Dk Bay c Uggy’s Dream * O. K. By You Robert A Peoples 20409
Saratoga Scarlet Bay f Scarlet Star Crypto Star Anthony W Ostan dba 20454
Sarcastique c * De Niro Elizabeth Clark 20358
Saturday Nite Lady Bay c Poker Deck * Pok Ta Pok Paul E Labe Sr 20005
Saucey Missy Chest. f Little Red Alfa * Deposit Ticket Howard C Schaeffer Jr 20089
Scarab Bracelet Bay c Kingmambo Brushwood Stable 20070
Sean’s Gold Chest. f Prairie Heat Malibu Moon Sylmar Farm Inc 20595
Seattle Way Bay f Theatrical George Strawbridge Jr dba 19923
Secret Muncher Dk Bay c * Rip Cat Marsha L Reed 20331
Senorita Cielo Bay f Settimo Cielo Partner’s Hero Dun Roamin Farm Inc 20602
Sensible Star Bay c Star City Slide * Buck’sinthebank J R Rastetter Racing Stable Inc 20590
Sequtur Chest. c * Power Of Mind Joseph Kratowicz 20240
Sharply Higher Bay c Johann Sebastian Melissa Brangan 20115
She Does Magic Bay c Red Magic Rubiano R H Breeding LLC 20195
She’s A Party Girl Dk Bay f Valley Crossing Ashwell Stables Inc 20228
She’sa Ghost Story Gray f Maggie’s Hat * Harry The Hat Christine McGinn 20566
Sheer Temptation Dk Bay c It’s Sheer Luck Straight Man Roberta Seeger 20930
Sheltered Empress Bay f Corporate Scandal * Corporate Report William J Solomon VMD 20439
Sheza Knockout Bay f Knockout Slew Slew City Slew Victoria Racing Stables Inc 20695
Ship Mistress Dk Bay c * Activist Judith M Barrett 20165
Shirley Furlong Bay c S W Doc Allen’s Prospect Richard A Reveley DECEASED 20412
Short Hunt Bay f Gilda Time Gilded Time David G Szymanski 19934
Sichana Bay c Two Punch Peter T Welling 19969
Significant Que Bay f Sultry Song Spring Run Farm LLC 20233
Silent Shell Chest. f Shelly’s Dot Seattle Sleet Robert A Szeyller 20542
Silk Sari Bay c * Count On Steve Peter John Alafoginis 20175
Silly Baeder Dk Bay c Fly Big Bird Fly * Flying Pidgeon Giles C Cook 20831
Silver Galore Gray c J Silverheels Gold Case Suzanne H Jenkins 20208
Silvermento Dk Brn c Dun Roamin Hero Partner’s Hero Charlton BloodstockAgency Inc 20319
Simpers Bid Dk Bay f * Count On Steve Manuel Gonzalez Gierbolini 20950
Simply Supreme Chest. c Multi Gusto * Alyten Marcia G Solda 20495
Singapore Sting Dk Bay f Yankee Victor P F N Fanning 20522
Skat Sass Chest. c Skattered Treasure G. P.’s Krugerrand Symmetry Ranch LLC 20789
Skip’n Anda Jump’n Gray f Luna La Estrellas Malibu Moon Leslie Krohn 20367
Slap On The Wrist f Crafty Friend Ashwell Stables Inc 20221
Smailer Bay c J Z’s Double Cross Valley Crossing Bettina L Jenney 19909
Smart ‘n Assertive Bay c Heyharrywhere’stom Crypto Star Maple Leaf Farm 20204
Smart But Vain Bay f Bipity Bopity Boo * Attorney Stephanie N Tate 20488
Smart Triad Brown c Smart Account Unaccounted For Laura McKinney dba Stony Point 20843
Smartenof Brown f * Two Davids Charles A King Jr 20544
Smithereens Chest. f My Favorite Miss My Favorite Grub Roberta Seeger 20933
Snar Bunny Chest. c Miner’s Bunny * U. S. Flag Bernard A Faggioli 20310
Sneaky Quick Bay c * De Niro R H Breeding LLC 20193
Snowbowl Bay c Rahy George Strawbridge Jr dba 19924
So They Say Bay f Good And Tough Leigh A Herzberger 20450
Soap Opera Bay c Fiscal Storm Allen’s Prospect F Eugene Dixon T A dtd 06 30 06 20364
Soft Target Dk Bay c * Lord At Law Charles A Cuprill 19892
Solitary Signal Bay f Fit To Fight William L Pape 20550
Something Brazen Bay/Bn c Brazen Scotty Willard Scott Highland Eyrie Inc 20647
Sookie Su Chest. c C F Conners Hope * Mr. Explosive Judith M Barrett 20169
Sorpresa Dk Brn c Sahm Bettina L Jenney 20425
South Sea Magic Dk Bay c * Mr. Explosive Bill J Henry 20414
Spa Creek Bay c * Ace Eyes James A Stevens 22637
Spanish Princess Dk Brn f * Alyten Janis L Gerace 20883
Sparklewood Dk Bay f * No Bondage Edwin Stopherd 20283
Speedy Hands Bay f Speedies Nepal * Nepal Lawrence A Ciletti Estate 20190
Spendin It Grey f * Brian Is Golden J R Rastetter Racing Stable Inc 20593
Sportin Jane Bay c * Fini Cassette Richard N Miller 20516
Sportin’ Orphan Bay f Just Invented * Pin Stripe William J Solomon VMD 20440
Sporting Lady Chest. c Duke’s General * Patton James L Driver 20242
Spring Chant Chest. f My Veronica Rose * Patton Peter P Zanette 20631
Squire’s Gal Dk Bay f * Foligno Charlotte T Vest 20237
Starlet Dancer Dk Bay c Wild Line * Wild Kiss Patricia A Fullmer 20394
Start Me Up Dk Bay f Miss Start Me Up Evening Kris Estate of Jane G Baker Deceased 20379
Stay Up Late Dk Bay c Night Fight Fit To Fight Frances H Leidy 20108
Stirling Bridge Dk Bay c Fire Path Tale Of The Cat P F N Fanning 20528
Stolen Moments Bay c Mountain Meadows Meadow Monster Lori D Swatsworth 19921
Storm Berry Chest. c Waquoit William Diefenderfer 19870
Strategic Maneuver Bay c Danzig Brushwood Stable 20073
Stunning Sunny Bay f * Buck’sinthebank J R Rastetter Racing Stable Inc 20591
Stylish Angel Dk Bay c L B’s Golden Halo * Tureen Of Gold Ruth A Trimmer 20207
Subtle Terms Chest. c Cajun Dreamer Jambalaya Jazz Xanthus Farms Inc 20511
Such A Ruckus Bay f Just A Diamond Diamond Flint W Stites 20893
Sudden Encounter Gr/Rn c Rockin Raven * Flying Pidgeon Maui Meadow Farm 20777
Sudden Nell Chest. c Jacob Darling * Attorney Harry W Varn Jr 20726
Suddenly Blue Chest. f Malibu Moon Karen S Farrar 20135
Sue Warner Chest. c Cozzene Bettina L Jenney 19903
Sugar Dance Bay c Dig That Dance * Digamist Xanthus Farms Inc 20505
Sugar Treat Bay f Tart Treat * Knockadoon Hope Hill Farm 20421
Sultress Chest. c Lead Us Not Royal Anthem William L Pape 20552
Sultry Hill Dk Bay f Black Betty * Roanoke Dr Scott A McManus VMD 20458
Summell Dk Bay c Pocomoonshine Malibu Moon Ellendale Racing LLC 20015
Sunny Wish Dk Bay c Sonny Hill Spectacular Bid Dave Lengel Racing Inc 19986
Sunshine Lil Bay f Sunshine Ella * Patton John A Barone 20365
Super Style Chest. c Bigboybdancing Lord Carson Victoria Racing Stables Inc 20693
Sweet Almond Bay c Sun Master Highland Meadows Farm Inc 19944
Sweet And Fleet Dk Bay c Mr. Perfect Star * Deposit Ticket Marcia Lee Wolfe 20564
Sweet Bunny Bay f Spinning World Bettina L Jenney 19906
Sweet Ophelia Bay c Allegany Lion Hearted Eugene A Fisher 20131
Sweet Sour Sister Bay c Tofast Forthe Past * Michael’s Star Our Farm Inc 20710
Swift Lady Bay c Swift Talkin Man * Fini Cassette Richard N Miller 20517
Swing To It Bay f Royal Anthem Ashwell Stables Inc 20226
Tada Chest. f Kristen Kristen Storm Boot Bettina L Jenney 19907
Taijen Doll Chest. f Litigating Lady * Attorney Judith M Barrett 19980
Take On Two Dk Bay c Deniro’s Dynasty * De Niro Shirley A Lojeski 20110
Take The Silver Bay c * Harry The Hat Welcome Here Farm LLC 20151
Talc’s Memory Dk Bay c Pro’s Holiday Polish Pro Anthony Foglia 20561
Tamerlane Bay/Bn f * No Bondage Barbara Ann Buzby 20269
Tango’s Dancer Bay c It’sallaboutyoulou Meadow Monster Christine G Capuano 20250
Tanta Bertie Bay c Baby Ervin * De Niro Olney Stable LLC 20326
Tarika Gr/Rn c Come Close Belong To Me George Strawbridge Jr dba 19928
Tarot Bay c Tamayaz Tim F Ritchey Racing StablesInc 20301
Tarot Card Chest. f Last Minute Missy * Just Like Jo Francis J Puleo 20143
Tart Of A Heart Dk Bay c Some Kind Of Rent * Western Echo Cindy Detweiler 19914
Teedleewinks Chest. c David By Far * Power By Far David F Greenbaum MD 20050
Tejano Music Roan c Bold Gladiator * It’s Always You Fred DiMeo 20446
Tenn Is Bay c Fastaslightning * Knockadoon Kimi Marie Somerville 20084
Terms Of Victory Dk Bay c Marquetry Juan E Zapata 20629
Tex Ziz Slew Bay c Yahoo Slew Yarrow Brae Henry A Parente 20660
The Chase Affair Bay f Z Spectacularafair * Zeno Fon Linda Lee Manchio 20826
The Doctor Isa Pro Dk Bay f Pin Up Girl * Pin Stripe Chris Bouroudis 20187
The Great Magrib Dk Bay f Ride The Rhythm * Southern Rhythm Timory H Ridall 20473
The Lady Sez So Bay f De Lady Sez So * De Niro David G Davies 20314
Thorn Brush Dk Bay c Patient * Dark Mystery Giuffrida Siblings Ptnshp 20013
Thou Art Worthy Bay f Worthy’s Echo * Western Echo Deborah E Corter 20903
Thrice As Nice Dk Bay f Grafica * Lord At Law Charles A Cuprill 19893
Thunderous Return Dk Bay c Kawaaser Dixie Union Maple Leaf Farm 20205
Tickertack Chest. f Ticker’s Legacy * Deposit Ticket William J Solomon VMD 20441
Tilloola Dk Bay c Moe Larry N Curley Williamstown Nancy S Sinkler 20105
Time To Reply Bay c Indian Charlie Summer Stables 20041
Tj’s Tuff As Nails Gray f Smokin Nails Smoke Glacken Pewter Stable 20360
Told’s Bay Miss Bay c My Bad Egg * Two Davids Elaine S Kohr 20652
Tongue Twister Chest. c Verbal Engagement Diamond Spinnaker Hill Upland Spg Farm 20099
Toots La Mae Bay f Last Toots Concern Patricia L Chapman 20189
Toujour Amour Bay f Jeekee * Bombardier Peter Giangiulio 20407
Traveling Stranger Gray f Tomorrows Cat Melissa Brangan 20118
Treysta Chest. c Kirimbai Crowd Pleaser Michael J Moran 20103
Tropical Rose Bay c * Crafty Mana Janet W Chisholm 20139
Trouble N Joy Bay c * Roanoke Robert A Brandt 20606
True Content Chest. c Worthwaitingfuhr Langfuhr Gustav Schickedanz Thoroughbred 21030
Truth Chest. c True Malibu Malibu Moon Rhodyo Stable Inc 20604
Truth And Nobility Dk Bay f P. T. Squirt Pentelicus Briter Farm 20035
Tsu Tsu Slew Bay f Tsu Tsu Roan * Roanoke Bryant H Prentice III 20325
Twentyone North Dk Bay f Wild North * Wild Kiss Patricia A Fullmer 20395
Twigs Of North Gray f She’s Twiggin * Patton Amy L Randolph 20218
Twist And Churn Bay c Gallant Wilbright Bright White Joanne P Martin 20862
Twisted Red Ribbon Chest. c Rentz * Roanoke David W Clark 20727
Two Dollar Nassau Chest. f Suddenly Spanish * Western Echo Tea Party Stable Inc 20260
Uno Selecto Bay c Funland * Erland Patricia A Fullmer 20385
Urban Girl Bay f Cryptoclearance Tim F Ritchey Racing StablesInc 20337
Utmost Urgency Dk Bay c Lawyered Up * Attorney Judith M Barrett 20167
Valiant Lady Chest. c Valiant Son Saratoga Six Estate of Daniel A Inverso 19918
Vals Valor Bay c Aly’s Valor * Alyten Estate of Jane G Baker Deceased 20381
Verona Lady Chest. f By Far A Lady * Power By Far John M Pelet 20794
Very Busy Bay c Hay Busy Bandit Hay Halo Susan C Walmer 20605
Very Slick Bay c Navy Gold * Bankbook Warren D Anderson 20811
Victoria’s Dani Bay c * Buck’sinthebank J R Rastetter Racing Stable Inc 20592
Victress Grey f Victoryjill Waquoit Giles C Cook 20828
Visioness Bay c Look At Him Crowd Pleaser William L Pape 20548
Waki Summer Chest. c Financial Report * Corporate Report Coal Valley Farm Ltd 20171
Walking In Da Sun Chest. f Malibu Sun Malibu Moon Kenyon G Furlong 20603
Wally S. Bay c Confident Wally Confide Glenn E Brok LLC 20209
Wampum Bomb Bay f * Silver Leader Robert S Stopko 20400
Waquoit Landing Dk Bay f Maria’s Class Maria’s Mon P F N Fanning 20525
Warble Dk Bay f Harmonizing Allen’s Prospect William L Pape 20547
Warning Drums Bay f Land Of Miranda * Corporate Report Carey Kinsolving Miller 20490
Watch The Soaps Chest. f S’Liberty Cat Repriced Clinton R Wolfe 20923
Wavering Wandy Brown c Chim Chim Not For Love Spinnaker Hill Upland Spg Farm 20101
Webb’s Woods Bay c Parade Path Parade Ground Patricia M Palmer Estate 20045
Well Bred Nymph Bay f Tee’s Valentine * Aquarian Prince John C Holder Jr 20300
Well Hello Dolly Dk Bay c Cape Town Patricia M Palmer Estate 20046
Wendy Vaala Bay f Gone West Brushwood Stable 20074
Wendy’s Revenge Dk Bay c Ba Ba’s Revenge * Ocean Splash Carol Oxman 20642
Western Bunny Chest. c * Gilded Native Sandor Horvath 20501
Westersire Sauce Chest. c * Quarry Xanthus Farms Inc 20510
What A Commotion Chest. c * Cope With Peace Scott Russo 20644
What Is Next Bay f Dixie Union George Strawbridge Jr dba 19929
Whata Special Lady Dk Bay c Smokey Junior Allen’s Prospect John A Garofalo 20351
Whimsiquest Bay f Diamond Whim Diamond Estate of Arthur E Vickers 19880
Wild Sally Chest. f * Sir Eric Our Farm Inc 20721
Will O’The Wish Bay f * Carrowkeel Ashwell Stables Inc 20219
Wilowy’s Image Bay f Hailey Skye Meadow Monster Randall E Maurer 20130
Winged Passage Bay c Collection Pass Collection Agent Ronald L Ulrich 21595
Winnie’s Tex Dk Brn c * Power Of Mind Janis L Gerace 20886
Winning Falcon Dk Bay f Allen’s Prospect William F Goodling 20298
Wise Keeper Gr/Rn f * Power Of Mind Janis L Gerace 20884
Wolf Call Bay f Mistacall * Digamist Geraldyne F Mitchell 19942
Wolf Creek Dancer Dk Bay c * Quarry Summer Stables 20039
Wolfie’s Image Bay f Belong To Me Maple Leaf Farm 20206
Wolfpack Fan Dk Bay f Sixpack Goldluster Saratoga Six Summer Stables 19859
Wondrous Deed Chest. f Rogue Angel Storm Of Angels Elizabeth B Barr 20616
Wononabet Dk Bay c Polish Pro Anthony Foglia 20558
Wrinkled Brow Bay c Raton * Knockadoon Susan B Thayer 20280
Yanni’s Girl Bay f Edger Swear By Dixie Sylmar Farm Inc 20596
You Made Me Do It Chest. c Deputed Testamony Welcome Here Farm LLC 20148
You’re Impossible Chest. c Picacho * Knockadoon Susan B Thayer 20278
Z Olympic Cat Bay f * Knockadoon Helen N Stearns 20064
Zany Zanna (Ire) Bay c Online Degree * Pin Stripe William J Solomon VMD 20443
Zealous Cat Bay f * Knockadoon Helen N Stearns 20061

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